If Believers Must Fear Anything, This Is What Is They Should Fear Most – Evang. Mike Bamiloye Reveals

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on Facebook talked about fear and the things Christians today should be wary of. He tagged it “If You Must Fear Anything.”

According to him, if you must fear anything, fear the Sound of the Trumpet, fear the second coming of Christ and fear when the millions of Believers in Christ will leave this world suddenly and you will be left alive behind to face Calamities the world has never witnessed. 

If you must fear anything, fear the mass departure of the Saints in Christ, when the Demons of Hell and Forces of Darkness will be unleashed on earth to Torture those who are Left Behind.

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Speaking further, you also have to fear the darkness that is coming upon the World. The depression, the economic woes, the unprecedented natural disasters, wickedness and violence that would never be restrained. 

Fear the time of gross lawlessness and unrestrained Immorality, when men and women would be committing immorality in the open. When people will be killing people in broad daylight and there will be no restraint.

Finally, you have to fear when the saints have gone and you are left behind to face the consequences of your unbelief, for surely the King is coming. However, that fear should bring a necessity of repentance into you immediately. If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, you need to confess your sins to him immediately because he’s coming back. God will help us in Jesus’ name. 

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