“If in your church those with money are sitting in the front, while the ordinary ones are in the back, do this” – Pastor Ezekiel Odero advise

New Life Church founder pastor Ezekiel Odero has discouraged people from going to churches that treat rich people better than the poor. 

While speaking to his congregation, the cleric cautioned people against churches that reserve the front seats for their rich members. 

In his words, “If in your church those with money are sitting in the front, the ordinary ones are in the back, run away, you are just being exploited, you are being milked”.

The cleric further disclosed that churches that assign leadership roles to rich members only are also dangerous. “If your church has rich men with contracts and hardware. The one who owns hardware is in charge of construction projects, and the other one who is the boss of a certain company is the treasurer. There is no lower person in those leadership positions, no! I’m telling you guys to run away and leave those titles. The pastor is milking you. He knows that if his child misses school fees, you will feel sorry for him”.

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The cleric concluded by saying that such churches only exploit their members without spiritual gain. “You are just being milked! You are not a leader, you are just a cow being milked,” he added.

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