If not churches, then where did those who criticized Peter Obi for attending them want him to go?- Tanko

Where else would those individuals who criticize Peter Obi for attending churches expect him to go if it wasn’t churches?-Tanko

Tanko Yunusa, chieftain of the Labour Party, recently appeared on Channels Television’s Politics Today show, where he questioned his critics where they would rather see Peter Obi go if not to churches.

Tanko made the remark in response to Seun Okinbaloye’s inquiry about whether or not they were cognizant of and wary of assertions and allegations regarding the alleged ethnic or religious leanings of his candidate and the party.

For starters, Peter Obi has never been an ethnic candidate, and Tanko Yunusa has indicated that the subject of ethnicity on the part of the Labour Party presidential candidate seems like a myth to him.
He claimed that whenever Peter Obi opened his mouth, all he talked about was the Nigerian project.

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Seun Okinbaloye questioned whether or not Tanko knew about the backlash to Peter Obi’s church attendance.

Tanko Yunusa pressed the issue, asking if they wanted Peter Obi to visit shrines instead of churches.
They should be thankful that he went to churches, he argued, because they could have mistaken them for shrines, which is where he was accused of going.
According to him, some people are too ashamed to publicly declare that this is their home.
According to him, Peter Obi rarely leaves the church.

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