How a lady was sent to attack my life and ministry – Apostle Arome Osaye reveals deep encounter

Founder and President of the Remnant Christian Network Apostle Arome Osayi revealed how a lady was sent to him 12 years ago.

Apostle Arome is also the Chairman of the RCN Adullam Bible and Theology College.

He is a man of great inspiration when it comes to the undiluted Word of God, with an ability to effectively deliver God’s word.

See what he said,

22 years ago we were in a prayer group, the kind of prayer group that you have on campus now, and there was this lady that was skillful in prophecy, her name was Funmi, and if Funmi begins to prophecy know that God is speaking.

We have tested her grace, she doesn’t use to prophesy every day, but on those days if she falls under power for like twenty minutes, when she rose, she comes with a prophetic word, and that day it was me she prophesied about.

She saw my destiny future and how glorious it will be, and she spoke about it, but in addition to what she saw, she said a lady would be sent against you from the water.

She said, if you survive this lady this glorious ministry will come to pass, I forgot the prophecy, but Satan did not forget, he waited for twelve years. Ahhhhh!

In this twelve years I have become popular, in my own cocoon I am a champion, I was known for the anointing, I was known for vocal power.

And then from my office I was posted to Lagos, a revival was growing in benue state and I was posted to Lagos, I was angry with God… I did not know that the days of my transition had begun. The damsel did not come to Benue where there is a revival.

The damsel shows up after twelve years of timing. This lady I speak about moves with a  central fugal and central petal force.

Some of my brothers knows what am talking about, you know the the central petal force but you don’t know the combination of central petal and central fungal.

Ganished with all the power of the marine world, If she moves close to you, your chemistry will change, your pure mind will be taken from you and your righteous mind. 

That’s when you will see a prophet that calls down fire from heaven cry. It is enough let me die…….

Those were the days I will knell down to pray and is as if my prayer is not going anywhere. When that lady came with central fugal force, when I went home, she follows me. 

The force does not only generate lust, it takes away my ability to pray…… Where all my prayer fails. 

Am not a loose preacher, I won’t stress that. Today you are praying for fun for sport but a time will come when you will pray to survive…… You will cry like Elijah , I am not better than my fathers. 

You are praying today for competition but my own was like Arabic.  It was a test of my status. 

And the test lasted for 9 months, it was for this 9 months I found the angels bread for which I come to testify. 

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