“If Someone Has Your Nude Pictures And Decides to Blackmail You With it, do This” – Rev. Godwin Abba Reveals

Reverend Godwin Abba while teaching on the series “Mistakes people make when experiencing uncertainty in their marriage and relationship”, has disclosed what one should do when a person decides to blackmail them with their nudes pictures.

He said”, I heard a story yesterday that broke my heart. A married woman got carried away and was involved in extra marital affairs. 

And the person who lured her into this, took certain pictures of their nudeness and suddenly the person started blackmailing her. I would show the picture to your husband, I will show the picture to your family. You know how prominent your family is, I will give it to the Press. 

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And then the guy demanded for about 5 million. This woman started paying until she got choked, she couldn’t pay again. Instead of telling her husband or telling her father, she started avoiding her dad, her husband, her family. 

And then the next thing she could do was to commit suicide. I’m not telling you a Nigerian movie, or Bollywood. I’m telling you real life.

I heard this thing yesterday and I was angry in my spirit. Aunty, sister, if you like be a porn star and your video clips are everywhere. The day you make your mind that you want to serve God, I’m not running from anybody, come out open!

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If anybody does not like your face, let them go to hell. To hell! Somebody took your nude pictures and said they are going to the Press, give them money to take it to the Press! Tell them come, I will sponsor it! Come!  How much do you need? Let me send it to the media for you.

The world is so wicked that people are looking for means of taking advantages of the weak. She abandoned her family. When the father discovered what happened, they said for 3 days, this man who is a devouring lion that people know and they are afraid of.

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The man said, Me that people fear, so my daughter will die like this? The painful thing to the man is that he didnt even know who was trying to blackmail the daughter. He wished he knew!

There is nothing that is too strong, tough and bad that happens to you in a relationship or in a marriage that should keep you away from your family. Nothing!

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