“If You Don’t Have Vision, Even If You Travel Abroad You Will Probably Not Make it” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Founder of Dunamis international gospel centre Pastor Paul Enenche has revealed to his congregation that once a person lacks vision they would probably not make it outside the country.

He said,

Listen, if you don’t have vision, even if you run away to anywhere in the world, life is the same. I am convinced that anywhere I go in the world,by His mercies because of the things I have seen, I know and I have experienced; anything will flourish in time, germinate anywhere!

The last time we went to London, before coro, the place we used was like a basketball court or so. People sat on the floor! There was no seat in London for people to sit in an all-night meeting! I remember because a woman spoke to me the other day, she said “I was one of those people who sat on the floor in that meeting when there was no seat” That was the place where if 100 people went to church in those days, it was a big crowd.

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I heard of Myles Munroe of blessed memory, Two men went to India in the 60s, mid 60s like ‘65 or ‘66 or so. They went on tour, I think High School or something. One saw abject poverty, because all the Indians were barefoot, walking around, no shoes, nothing. Another guy said Wow, this is an opportunity to help these people. 

Let me make affordable footwear for them! So he went back to America with a vision of making rubber footwear that was affordable. This guy became a millionaire on the spot! He met the needs of the people, impacted them and went away with income. The people thanked him for giving them shoes and he was grateful that he saw a need. Church Gist. Where the other guy went home, pitying them that they are poor people, this other one went home seeing an opportunity.

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Vision makes you to see the unseeable, to hear the inaudible. Let me say it like this: All of us look, but not all of us see the same thing. We are all looking, but we are not seeing. All of us listen, but not all of us hear the same thing. We can be inside the same service and not hear the same thing. The difference is what you are looking out for.

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