“If You Eat Any food After 12 AM, You Are No Longer Fasting” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals why

Pastor David Ibiyeomie speaking on the force of prayer and fasting, disclosed to the congregation that anyone that eats after 12 am is no longer fasting.

He therefore encouraged them to exercise discipline and caution themselves not to sell their destiny for a morsel.

In his words, 

Food! You discipline yourself in the area of food! You won’t die for twenty one days without food! Proverbs 23:2. 

Learn to manage yourself during fasting! Fasting season is not the time to eat anyhow! Manage your taste! Don’t sell off your destiny to a morsel of meal! 

When you are fasting, one of the areas satan does, he will bring food and the food that you like most! It is this period that you will see that somebody will fry chicken. 

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And satan will say, ‘I think that you love fried chicken! Small’! Just take small, it doesn’t matter! 

Take it at 9 am and then continue after 9 am. He will now give you some funny doctrines, ‘If you eat at 9 am, I think they say it’s 6 to 6, it’s not 6 to 6 oo, it is 12 to 6’. 

That 6 to 6 is not correct oo! After midnight is a new day! So if you eat any food after 12 midnight, you are already eating in the new day! So it is 12 to 12, 12 to 3 or 12 to 6 but not 6 to 6 except you belong to the other faith where you eat in the morning and then start fasting!

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We Christians, we eat and then by 12 it’s a new day! So if I’m fasting, I must not eat from a minute past 12, even some seconds after 12, until I break.

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