“If You give a Pastor who has the capacity to pastor 500 people, 10,000 members, he will scatter the people” – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals why

Pastor Paul Enenche founder of Dunamis International gospel center has revealed that if a Pastor who has the capacity to pastor 500 people is given 10,000 members, he will scatter the people.

See what he said,

Pastor of Church, there’s a way in which your spiritual capacity begins to enlarge when you begin to think in terms of pastoring your generation, not just pastoring a few members of a congregation. Am I communicating? There is a capacity enlargement, there’s something it does to you because capacity determines possibility.

If you give a man one billion naira who only has the capacity of managing one million naira, that man will spend that one billion until it will remain one million in his hands, he won’t know what to do with it. If he’s in the village, he will begin to marry more wives. 

But if you give a man one million naira, who has the capacity, he has an enlarged vision and capacity to manage a billion, that one million will grow until it becomes a billion in his hand because his capacity is enlarged by his vision. 

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You give a Pastor who has the capacity to pastor 500 people, 10,000 members, he will scatter the people with this preaching, with his life, with his everything until people drop from 10,000 to 500 to meet him at his level because that is the level he can handle. Meanwhile, you gave 500 members to somebody whose capacity is 10,000, he will grow that capacity until it reaches the 10,000 because his capacity has been enlarged to accommodate that.

Hear me, when we were in area one and the sanctuary was just filled and I began to think of overflow, many things began to come to my mind on the spot. “We are going to have a lot of cars. Alright, so if they are going to come, where’s the road for them to come? If they’re going to come, are there enough toilet facilities? Alright, what about children facility because they will come with their children”. 

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Everything began to just explode on the spot, the though or this and that, “if I’m going to reach there, if I’m going to accommodate so and so people”, it began to explode on the spot. If your thought was small, those things won’t come up. 

That’s the essence of vision, all of a sudden, your character is adjusting to match with the vision, your capacity is enlarging, your thought pattern is enlarging, your mentality is enlarging, everything is enlarging to ensure that you’re able to accommodate that vision when it arrives and you’re not taken by surprise and your life does not collapse because you got a vision.

You must ensure that your vision brings you out of darkness, turns your life into an illumination, cause you to have optimism, enthusiasm and positivism, bring speed to your life, no more delay, no more indecision, procrastination and stagnation and then your character and your capacity begin to change. So this is how to behave, “what do I want to become?” 

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Behave accordingly, don’t wait until you become it, behave it now. To become it, you must behave it. Am I communicating? Then, your capacity begins to enlarge. “If I’m looking forward to having 500 to a thousand employees, how do I prepare for it? How am I qualified for it?” It might make you to take some courses, do some trainings that prepares you for what you’re expecting. 

That is what vision does to you because you don’t service a car that is not functional. Vision services your character and capacity to become what God wants you to become and to become what you’re expecting to become.

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