If you marry early without a good foundation, this Is what will happen to you – Pastor George Izunwa

It is quite obvious that many singles want to marry early but unfortunately, they are not prepared. Because of impatience, some of them rush into marriage and they begin to experience marital problems very early. However, Pastor George Izunwa sends an important message to singles in the church who wants to marry early.

He said that if you marry early without a good foundation, it is a lifetime of poverty. Early marriage without foundation is a sentence to poverty unless mercy locates you somewhere. He said that most of them do not know the cost of marriage and advises the adults to tell them. He said that before he mounted the pulpit, his last daughter came to him and said that they need money to go to the cinema.

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According to him, there are unplanned expenditures every day. He said that if you get your wife angry you have to pay and if you don’t her face won’t open. He said that all the men who claimed they are the head often fail in marriages. They use to suffer and he advised them to fear women.

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