If You Support kidnappers Then This Is Who You Are —Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie is renowned for his anti-indiscipline policies. He has been a blunt propagator of moralist values in and outside his popular ministry, the Salvation ministries. His recent take on the viral menace of the activities of kidnapping and insurgency is common in society nowadays. The fiery cleric has issued dreadful curses on the perpetrators and those that are in support of their evil activities. He has also bluntly put it to those that support the kidnappers that they are dangerous persons, that are not fit to be in society.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie has reiterated the torment and gruesome agony that the kidnappers do inflict on their victims. The cleric affirmed God’s grave rejection of those that deal in the exchange of human beings for profit. According to Exodus 21:16, God has affirmed his condemnation of the act and the jjudgmentof God on them. Those that are involved in it are punishable by death. Being kidnapped is a serious traumatizing act. It must be blatantly condemned in society. It takes off the peace from the victims and also destabilizes the families of those that have been kidnapped.

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Kidnappers are not supposed to be abhorred. Their presence in any society must be given up to the law enforcement agency for proper handling. They are to be exposed without reservations. But, in a situation where any law enforcement agency tends to protect the individuals that are involved in kidnapping activities, the cleric has issued a divine curse on them and their generations.

According to sources the cleric has not spared any politician that might also be involved in it. He has cursed every one of the perpetrators and those that back them up in their evil activities. The judgment of God shall catch up with them and our societies shall be free from all evil vices that torment and demoralize the entire human peace and good life.

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