I’m not Normal: Deborah Paul-Enenche Spark Mixed Reactions On Social Media

The first child and daughter of the senior Pastor of Dunamis Gospel Church, Pastor Paul Enenche sparks reactions on her Facebook page yesterday as she posted an image with a caption ‘Why be Normal?”

This post and image as generated alot of mixed reactions from her followers as many of them questions the way she dresses as a young lady while others applauds her for being different.

She wrote 👇👇

Why be normal? 🤔 #extraordinary #acitysetonahillcannotbehidden

Deborah Paul-Enenche

Mixed Reactions 👇👇

Being abnormal doesn’t mean one should have poor dress sense.

Otuekong Favour she doesn’t have poor dress sense. She’s not dressing like you doesn’t mean she has poor dress sense.

If we see the truth let us say it. The dress covers her body quite alright, but if it is someone that is not popular that put on that dress you people will say is madness. What am trying to say is that she is over doing it, it doesn’t make sense.

Humbly dispositions with modest christian dressings helps every youth to go far in his or her christian’s convictions and journey.If u like, u believe or leave it ! An adult Christian’s counselor have said it !

Women are their own enemies. I guess some of these women criticizing her ways of dressing are so used to seeing half naked dressing on social media.You see a daughter of Zion who has cut a niche for herself in her own unique way of dressing which does not reveal any of her private parts yet all you do is to criticize her ways of dressing.You must be sick to think that your devilish criticism can influence her negatively to wanting to change from her godly ways in order to please your worldly expectations.She’s well groomed to stand firm.

We love you just the way you are . you mood of dressing describe who you are .pure mind pure dressing,💙💙💙 decent mind decent dressing . you don’t care about what people think.becouse they will never understand at all.

Having Christ alone will not make you normal.Being extra ordinary will make you abnormal to your world. It time to start taking extraordinary steps and adventure.I’m not normal cos I refuse to be normal.

Guess she meant differently by saying we should not be normal meaning we shout think out of the the box and be our own initiator, Lay paths for others to follow, not ceremoniously follow paths already laid..Even in school projects, we bring new lights to ideas already existing, that is her stand and definition…If you know me or have come across my videos, I already refused to be normal..My candid advice?Reinvent your self and watch the world copy you…I’m uncle wowo, the Baddest teacher…💪💪

Please dress normal. Imbibe the spirit of decency. As the daughter of God’s servant, you have to project what he preaches in your dressing.

Chris Omeruo once they talk about her dressing you people will start defending and saying it’s because she didn’t expose her body..habaI don’t expose my body and I know several people who DO NOT dress to expose their bodies but still dress beautifully.I know fashion is being comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and if she’s comfortable in it then it’s fine. And some people are saying it’s part of being abnormal…yes…you can be that abnormal with a very outstanding way of dressing that covers the whole of your body except your eyes.Most of y’all backing her up and won’t say the truth would not even put on some of her dressing. Dresses might be rich but combination is POOR.If you’re coming to attack this comment…well… I’m less busy this morning.

Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people, Ephraim is a cake not turned.Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not, yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.Without counsel purposes are disappointed, but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

You guys should use your energy on things that will help the kingdom.She is not dressing to impress anyone.If you are observant her dressing is either old school, catching are fun and if you are not ok with it just pass.You can not advise her on how to dress because she has best hands available to show her if she request for one.please let her be biko……..

The clothes don’t make her, the makeup don’t make her, the Grace of God on the inside has made her, she doesn’t need to know fashion, so long as she knows God, fashion can go and sleep,

Skimpy gown Check that out and Beware of little changes on your modesty because na small small shame dey leave people mind.

But on a more serious note this lady doesn’t know how to combine cloth abi should I say she doesn’t know how to dress well.Am not talking about dressing nakedly but dressing well as a young lady

Deborah,Please note you cannot pretend for a long time. pregnancy they say cannot be hidden and genuine Christians,the called out of God whom has visited Calvary are not dual personalities.Apostle Paul said follow me even as i follow Christ.1cor.11:1Deborah Paul Eneche, who are you following?.

God fearing, Beautiful, Elegant and graced…. Continue to soar high and bask in the Lord’s Glory Lady Deborah…Plus don’t mind those talking about how you dress…You have always been you and that’s what makes you unique Deborah Paul-Enenche

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