Immanuel is an existing name, It Is Not The Original Name Of Christ – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals Mystery

Nigerian Charismatic preacher, Pastor Damina, the General Overseer of Power City International, has in a live video this evening on his official Facebook account said that the name Immanuel was not original for Christ.

According to Pastor Damina, he said some people think that the name Immanuel was coined for Christ in the Book of Isaiah 7:14. He said that is not the case. In fact, the name Immanuel was the name of Isaiah’s son, which means the son of Isaiah was first called Immanuel.

He put it like this; Immanuel is an existing name. Immanuel was never a new name coined for Christ. It was a name people were using. Look at Isaiah chapter 8:8, so that you know that it was not a new name, and if you go back a little bit, you will realize that Immanuel is the name of the son of Isaiah”.

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He said that shows that Isaiah had a son whom he first named Immanuel( more clarity in verses 9 and 10 of Isaiah chapter 8).

He lastly said the general meaning of Immanuel which means God is with us symbolises that in our troubles and travails, God will come to us and identify with us. 

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