In marriage, you should be naked and not ashamed – Pastor Mildred Reveals Why

The popular Nigerian female pastor, mother and associate Pastor of David’s Christian Centre, Lagos, Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo who is also known as Pastor Mildred recently dropped a video on marriage and it was posted by one of the popular Instagram news outlets.

According to what she said in this video, she stated that “God plans that you would have someone you’re vulnerable with, some you can be yourself around. Too many people are married but are not really married. Too many people are in a relationship, but they cannot tell their partners what is going on in their hearts. How can God be seeing you as one, and yet, both of you are divided In your plans, finances, emotionally”.

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She went ahead by saying that a lot of marriages are breaking up today because of interference and because they don’t understand the covenant. When you get married, there is no secrecy, because everything mine turns to ours. His mum becomes our mum, his burden becomes my burden, his money becomes my money, and his phone becomes my phone.

Furthermore, she stated that, if you cannot conveniently release your phone to your partner, then you don’t understand what covenant marriage is.

She also stated that since she started preaching, she has been sucking in her stomach because of her dress and that she does not know those in the congregation, but when she gets home, she is going to release herself and that is exactly what wants, release yourself, don’t kill herself with secrecy. She ended her sermon by saying that, in marriage, you should be naked and not ashamed.

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