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In This New Testament, You Don’t Need Any Man Of God To Tell You Anything- Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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Shall we consciously as a Church tell God thank You. Lord all that happened in Imo State we say thank God.

This is our month of Holy Spirit for manifestation.

Holy Spirit Consciousness – Part 1.

But before we take on the message we will pray a simple prayer. You will pray for the understanding of the personality of the Holy Spirit because one is to hear, two is to understand. 2 Timothy 2:7b. Lift your right hands towards Heaven and say, Father, I pray for understanding of the Personality of the Holy Spirit. Pray for yourself in the Name of Jesus. Are you praying sincerely that you will know Him? He will reveal Himself to you today in the Name of Jesus.
Hear this truth, life is not designed for struggles, life is designed for comfort, progress and succeeding in succession. If you want sweat-less success in life then you must know the Person of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus never struggled to get anything done throughout His earthly ministry because of the Spirit of God that was with Him. Acts 10:38.
Today marks the end of your struggling in your life.
Jesus speaking in John 16:7.Let me ask you a question, you hear people say, ‘if Jesus was here I won’t have gone through what I am going through’. They are ignorant. Jesus is still here but in the Person of the Holy Spirit. ‘I wish I was born at the time of Jesus all these struggles would have ended’, you are born in a better time. If you don’t know the Person of the Holy Spirit, your Christianity will never be colourful.

Jesus made a statement in John 14:16-17,26. You know every time the Apostles had problem, who do they run to? So He said I am going to go away but I won’t leave you without somebody. So I will make sure that whatever I am to you the Holy Spirit will be that to you. Is that clear?
The Comforter the Bible is talking about here is the Holy Spirit. He has the ministry of comforting, helping the Saints of God on earth to live a victorious and fulfilled life.
Hear this and hear it very well, “if you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable”, Myles Munroe said. Is that clear?

What is the purpose of Jesus sending the Holy Spirit?
Christ purpose of sending the Holy Ghost is for Him come to be in us, with us and for us.
That God the Holy Spirit is in you, for you and with you should boost your faith and make you have confidence. He can’t be in me, for me and with me and I become ordinary.
Life from today will get better for you in Jesus Precious Name.

Life is not a platform for ups and down; succeed today, down tomorrow. Progress today, retrogress tomorrow. Life is meant to be for continuous progress because the path of the just is as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18.
But because most Christians don’t even know who the Holy Spirit is, they live their life full of limitations and frustrations but that will not be your portion anymore in Jesus Name.

It’s important to know the person of the Holy Ghost. Now hear this, the Holy Spirit is a Divine Person, He is not a thing, He is not a force, an influence but a person. He is a member of the God-head, He is the third person of the Trinity. 1 John 5:7.
Please permit me to put it this way, the Holy Ghost is ‘Jesus Unlimited ‘. Anything you know about Jesus when He was on earth is who the Holy Spirit is. He is the Invisible Jesus. When you say Jesus I want to see You. The One that appears now is the Holy Spirit. In Philippians 1:19, the Bible calls Him the Spirit of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit; He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscience.
Like Christ, the person of the Holy Spirit is eternal and living.

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Let me say this to you, that the Holy Ghost is a Person does not mean He has a physical body rather we are His body and He lives in us.
The Holy Spirit is Divine and invisible yet very real. He has intellect, emotion, Will, He thinks, feels, perceives, communicates, He responds. 1 Timothy 1:14.The Holy Spirit has a mind and He thinks. Romans 8:27. He loves and receives love. You can grieve Him, you can make Him get angry through your words and actions but I prayer that we will not get Him angry.
He is the One that glorifies Jesus to us.
He loves fellowship, He wants you to relate with Him but for today for time sake we are going to look out what is Holy Spirit consciousness?

Simply means having a keen awareness of the Person of the Holy Spirit. You are aware that He exist. You are conscious of His existence. You are convinced of His personality.
If Christians are conscious of the Holy Spirit their Christianity will be sweet. John 14:76-17.
Peter, James and John were very conscious of God’s Presence. At every point they had a challenge they will run to Jesus, ‘Master, Master, Master this our problem. And Jesus will immediately give them an answer. Every time they had a challenge, they were conscious of Jesus that even Martha said, ‘If you were here my brother won’t have died’. She was conscious. She said the reason he died was because you were not here. ‘If you were with us there is no way Lazarus would have died’ John 11:21.

She said, “you were not here that was why Lazarus died. If you were, I know in this my consciousness that Lazarus would not have died’
Holy Spirit is ‘Jesus unlimited’.
Jesus said the way you are conscious of me, I am going to leave because He knew He came for a purpose but this time when I leave I am going to send another person who will do exactly what I am doing but you will not see somebody like me.
Any time there is any issue He is going to send a Comforter. So this time any time there is problem, you don’t run to Jesus, you run to the Holy Spirit. But how many Christians know this? They still run to Jesus. The answer is no more with Jesus but who will give the answers?
To operate in the miraculous, you need Him. Every success I have enjoyed with all humility is traceable to my consciousness of him.

There are three areas you have to establish your consciousness of the Holy Spirit

  1. You have to establish your consciousness that He is in you.
  2. You have to establish your consciousness that He is for you.
  3. You have to establish yourself that He is with you.

Be conscious that God the Holy Ghost is in you, for you and with you.


  1. In you:
    Be conscious that the Holy Spirit is in you. John 14:15-17.
    Say, Holy Spirit you are in me. Jesus said, ‘when He comes He will be in us’
    He resides in us, He lives inside of us as Believers.
    Where is the Holy Spirit? In you? You are sure? 2 Timothy 1:14. We are His temple and He resides in us. Where does He live? 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 3:16. He is in us individually and collectively as a Church.
    Now, where is the Holy Spirit? Say the truth before now, where do you look? Up.
    1 Corinthians 6:19
    2 Corinthians 6:16.
    When you understand that you are His residence then life will become sweet and colorful.
    Where is the home of the Holy Spirit?.
    Even Preachers unknowingly when you say where is the Home of the Holy Spirit? The first thing is ‘look up’.
    Jesus understood that.

Benefits of His indwelling Presence in you:
Where is the Holy Spirit? Leave religion, you know if you are religious you will still be thinking somewhere in the sky.

1a. He is your helper and Comforter. The reason why He is in us is to help and comfort us. John 14:16-18, John 14:16-18. You don’t need anything more than His Person to succeed in life. Many miss the purpose and reality of who He is to them in their daily life. Often times we forget Him, we run somewhere else. Most times when we need help we forget the Holy Spirit and run somewhere else. Some will even say, ‘Oh I have nobody to help me, I am just alone in life. True? No , you are not alone.

Many forget that He is inside of us. When they have issues, who do they run to? People. The first person to run to is who? The Holy Spirit.
This Church was not growing and I said, ‘Holy Spirit help me’. He said, ‘read this book. Are you getting what I am talking about? You already have Him on your inside, stop running to somebody first. Any time you need help who do you go to? Holy Spirit. But say the truth do you go to Him first,? I can tell you that ninety point nine Christians don’t go to Him first. It is a consciousness thing. Any time you need help, pause and say to Him, ‘help me’. He will talk to you as a man talks to His friend. How many are flowing with me? You need help now? In one second lift your right to Heaven and say, ‘Holy Spirit help me’.

Now be specific, tell Him where to help you. You don’t need to say it loud, say it in your heart, He will hear you. Tell Him the specific area you need Him to help and before the day is over you will hear His voice in Jesus Name.
Who told me I should go to Port Harcourt? Is Port Harcourt in the Bible? In the new testament you don’t need any man of God to tell you anything. That is old testament phenomenon. You can’t go to a man of God and say tell me which business I should do. It is wrong. You tell Him,’what do I do now? I have oil, I have telecommunication. Which one is the next phase?
The only thing the man of God will do is to confirm what God has told you.

Anywhere you need help just tell Him and He will help you and from today He will help you. Church Gist. Shout a better Amen, shout a loud Amen.

  1. The Holy Spirit with you.
    Be conscious He is with you. If you are conscious He is with you then you will be fearless. Can He be with you and armed robbers attack you? Can He be with you and witches attack you? He is a person, your consciousness matters. In John 14:16.
    What made Jesus’ ministry powerful? Acts 10:38. He was too conscious that the Holy Spirit was with Him and His exploits know no limits. The exploits of Jesus was that God was with Him. Till today we have not recovered.
    How many are conscious? Jesus was conscious of the Holy Spirit with Him.
    Say,’ I refuse to feel lonely, He is with me’.
    So when you are sleeping, who is with you? When you are flying, who is with you? When you are walking, who is with you? Can He be with you and any devil attack you?
    Who understands my teaching?
    Who understands my teaching that He is with you? Come and stand here, it is a very practical thing, face this side. Stand side by side, carry any object. Now this two people are Christians, ‘Barnabas just be conscious of Him with you’. Two of them are Believers; they go to Church, the way they come to Church. Now this man wants to attack them from different points the way armed robbers, assassins come to attack people. Try to throw the object on this man, don’t wound him, throw so it will hit him. Did it touch him?
    Now return the object back, now try to throw the object on this other one. What happened? This man is conscious, this one is not conscious. This one comes to Church but does not know the Holy Ghost is with him.
    That something hit a Believer does not mean it will reach you. This man comes to Church but He is not conscious that God the Holy Ghost is with him so that object he threw hit him. This man is so conscious, that was why the object could not reach him rather the person trying to throw the object fell. The reason why witches are attacking you is because you are not conscious that He is with you. How many understands what I am talking? Two of them are born again but one is conscious. It is not prayer issue, it is consciousness. Go back to your seats.
  2. Go and eat the Scriptures I have been quoting. Go and read this small book, It may be small but read it, ‘Holy Spirit consciousness and Holy Spirit my helper’, eat these two books.
    When you are flying, He is with you so the aircraft can’t crash. When you are walking on the road, He is with you so Armed robbers can’t shoot you. That armed robber has not been born who will point gun at me and it will fire when the One who is behind all is with me. The armed robber that is pointing gun will kill himself. Isaiah 59:19.
  3. The Holy Spirit for you.
    Be conscious that the Holy Spirit is always available to support and encourage you. Romans 8:31.
    He can’t be for you and you will be defeated. So if anybody gathers against you, they can’t succeed because He is for you. Church Gist. You say, ‘nobody is for me, he has the governor ‘. You have the Almighty Holy Spirit for you that is bigger than any governor.
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  1. Live a holy life. Romans 1:4. You live a holy life because He is Holy Spirit Himself. He is called Holy Spirit because He values holiness.
  2. Constant fellowship. The Holy Spirit loves fellowship. We fellowship with Him through prayers, worship and words of adoration.
  3. A lifestyle of love and reverence.
    How do you prove your love and reverence? By prompt obedience to His instructions. Every time He gives you instruction, what do you do? Obey. Don’t delay on any of His instructions.
    Now listen to me, I was to stop crusade at Asaba. He said to me, ‘ I am pleased with you. Don’t stop crusade in Asaba because there are more souls that will be won. I obeyed Him. I canceled Imo State crusade, I called the Pastor, I said put it back we will do it. See what He did in Imo State. Because I was so tired in Asaba, I said all crusades for the year is canceled. My physical body was tired, while I was standing in Asaba I heard God for the first time that, ‘I am pleased with you’. See what He did in Imo State, very humbling. A Bishop called me and said, ‘Sir, we will call you Chukwemeka’. I said, ‘why? He said everybody are afraid of Imo State but that is the time you are going to conduct crusade.
  4. Continuos communication.
    The Holy Spirit likes communication; that is how you build relationship with Him.

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