Interesting! Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals The Total Amount Of Messages He Responds To In A Day

Apostle Joshua Selman spoke to his members about the need to be able to submit and humble themselves in the midst of commendations.

He revealed that not every closed door is demonic, some of them are a report card because, with the level of your lack of commitment to the things of God, it will be difficult for him to expose you to a higher level and higher platforms. The attacks there will kill you, so He will keep you small.

Speaking further, he said that he made a covenant with his life that there will be no amount of success, result, or the blessings of God that will be enough for him. He said that he responds to an average of over 800 messages in a day and over 70% of those messages are prayers and commendations. He said that when he gets the commendation, he looks at the mirror and says, “In the name of Jesus, Apostle you will get there.” He said that he will fast and pray like never before and open up his spirit like never before. When you see him panting after God you will think he does not know anything about the things of God.

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Finally, he said that that is the posture. It is they that hunger and thirst that rise.

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