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Isaac Newton’s prediction About The Year That The World Will Come To An End And How He Used The Bible

We have always been on the subject of the end of the world, looking from place to place for validation on how it will end and how the supposed future of earth will look. We have heard of several prophecies and revelations predicting the end of the world but very few of them have managed to be as captivating as that which is presented in the Bible. For instance, there was a prophecy or perhaps a message that predicted that the end of the world would come in 2012. Then many stocked up food and water, waiting for some sort of catastrophic event to happen but it never did. 

This makes one wonder if there is anything to fear when one hears about these prophecies predicting the end of the world. Perhaps it is best if we simply keep living our lives and just become used to the idea that the world is an everlasting place or should we be more concerned about a predictable end of our world. Like me, I am sure some of you would have wondered if it is right to let go of prophecies and predictions as some of them can be very dubious. 

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In recent times, it has become a tradition, to expect a prediction about the year from the mouths of prophets, scientists, and historic writings. As expected these predictions often contain the idea of the end of the world, a hint of a series of events that speaks of the end of the world. 

Though we have often gotten predictions and prophecies about the end of the world from Prophets and Clergies alike, some scientists have been very instrumental in presenting us with facts about what is to come. One of the many predictions from scientists is that of Isaac Newton, a famous and loved scientist who changed the world with his ideologies. 

Newton, like many other great scientists, gave several predictions about the end of the world. Though his prediction was discovered after his death and was compiled based on the content of his manuscripts. According to reports, Newton was an active mind that was interested at the end of the world and he made this clear in his writings and jottings in his manuscripts. In one of his many predictions, Newton predicts the end of the world and added a Year to his prediction. Newton suggests that the end of the world would be in the year 2060. 

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What does this mean? 

Newton’s Interest:

A man such as Isaac Newton is a man whose interest couldn’t be defined by his active endeavors. He was interested in so many things and one of his many interests is predicting the future through mathematical means. Though for the better part of the last few centuries after his death, Newton’s theory was kept from the world until it was eventually discovered in 2002 when his notes and manuscripts were discovered. After the manuscript and notes of this scientific genius were discovered, it was obvious that Newton wasn’t just interested in Science, he was also interested in Religion, Alchemy, occultism, astrology, and theology. 

Newton was able to come to his conclusion about the end of the world using Mathematics and the Bible:

After his manuscripts were discovered it became clear that Newton was a firm believer in the content of the Bible and he wasn’t shy of speaking and writing about it. He dedicated his life to studying it and was obsessed with creating a system that would allow humans predict the future using the content of the Bible. 

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What became particularly interesting is the fact that he was very interested in the prophecies of Daniel in the book of Daniel. He was focused on the prophecies of Daniel and he found it interesting because of how Daniel was able to predict the coming, death, and destruction of Christ with accuracy. 

Newton created a pattern of mathematical calculations that could be used to determine the actual date of the end of the world. He wrote about this in his manuscripts in 4,500 pages of writings. Newton created these predictions by using the book of Daniel and syncing it with a mathematical calculation. 

He noted several notable years in the pages of the Bible and created a system that allowed him to add a certain number of years to these notable years and create a mathematical pattern that eventually led to the answer, 2060 which he nites will be the end of the year. 

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