It is not compulsory to enter into a relationship in your final year – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo reveals why

There is a certain time in life when singles should begin to think about marriage. There is no definite time for this and it depends on their readiness. Some people will tell you that when you are in your final year, you should start thinking of who you will marry and possibly start a relationship when you find one.

However, Pastor Mildred Okonkwo revealed that it is not compulsory to enter into a relationship in your final year. Using her own experience, she said that in her final year, it was normal for a brother to receive you so she entered into a relationship with a good Christian brother. She said that people made it seem like you can’t be in your final year and not be in a relationship.

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Well, she said that it is sadly untrue because 80 percent of people who go into their relationship in their final year do not end up marrying. It is just putting people under pressure and making them feel bad when they are not in a relationship despite being in their final year.

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