It Is Not God That Gave Moses The Ten Commandments, This Was The Person Who Gave It To Him – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals

While preaching to the congregation, the General Overseer of Power City International Church, Pastor Abel Damina, said God did not give Moses the ten commandments. He said the ten commandments was given to Moses by an angel at Mount Sinai.

Buttressing his points, he referred to Acts 7:35 which explains that God sent Moses to be a “leader and deliverer by the hand of the angel that appeared to him in the bush”, saying that Moses did not see God and that God discussed with him through an angel.

Furthermore, he referred to Acts 7:50-53 which explains that the Israelites have been persecuting God’s messengers, even the prophet (Moses) “who received the law by the disposition of an angel”. He added that Jesus said no man has seen God.

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In the video, Pastor Damina said, “God did not give Moses the ten commandments. Who gave it to him? It was given to Moses at Mount Sinai by the angel he saw in the bush. God interacted with him through the angel, that was why Jesus said that no man has seen God. Open to Acts 7:35 and Acts 7:50-53 and read”.

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