It Is Not The Kind Of Job You Do Or The Amount Of Jobs You Do That Will Make You Rich, But Rather This – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals

Founder of Salvation Ministries Pastor David Ibiyeomie has delivered a message on the fact that most Christians do not value the blessings of God. He further revealed that It is the blessings of God that enrich, not the type or the number of jobs one does.

He stressed that the number of jobs you do cannot make you rich. It is the divine blessings of God that prepare you for abundance and wealth. As stressed by the cleric, believers must not take the blessings of God for granted. Being hardworking does not guarantee blessings. It is the power of God that enriches.

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Also, the cleric has inferred his personal life in the Ministry. In his words, he has shared that, when he arrived in Port Harcourt on ministerial assignments, he did not arrive there with money, but he came there with divine blessings of God. As a believer make sure you value the blessings of God. 

Adam and Eve failed to value God’s blessings and consequently, they committed high treason against God. Another example shared by the cleric is the case of Esau. Esau did not value the blessings of God. He sold his virtues upon a plate of pottage. Esau knew about the blessings of God but he lost them because he did not value them.

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