“It is Only The Church That Abandons A Wounded Soldier” – Gospel Artist Preye Odede Speaks on Sammie Okposo’s Death

Nigerian Multiple Award Winning Gospel Artiste with the mandate to reach out to the lost Preye Odede, best known for his hit song “Ebezina” has shared what the church is doing wrong, making reference to the case of Sammie Okposo

He wrote on his Facebook page, 

“It is only the “church” that abandons a wounded soldier.  Jesus never related to people because they had “more anointing” or were “superstars”, he came to seek and to save the lost(Luke 19:10).

But today the language to the wounded is “GET LOST”.

“Just have one small problem and see how long people stand by you(especially when it is a mistake that is unrighteous by their standards). Today, brothers fight brothers because “daddy” does not like brother. 

“Dear friends, love the Lord, have a relationship with Him, desire to know Him, talk to Him and run to Him and never put your trust in any man, no one will keep aside anything for you when you are no more. 

“The hypocrisy by some of us is so disgusting. Heaven will shock us and do not be deceived, you won’t find some of your role models(with heavy righteous look) in heaven. God help the church.”

-Preye Odede

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