It seems “Good’ people always attract “Bad” people in relationships – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Reveals

Relationship coach and marriage counselor Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has taken to his Twitter handle to reveal why good people always attract bad people in relationships.

He disclosed that bad people don’t marry each other,  because they know the traits to avoid, rather they look for a good person that will sacrifice for them.

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It seems “Good’ people always attract “Bad” people in relationships

Bad people don’t marry each other,  they know the traits to avoid. Two bad people usually can’t stand each other,  they look for that good person they can drain.

They look for the good person that will sacrifice for them, be patient with them , or even change them.

But the bible says “evil communication corrupts good manners not – not good communication corrects evil manners.

Good families are usually made of two good ,healthy, happy people,  don’t try to be a martyr,  if you are that good person you deserve a good partner too.

If you are a good person your first disposition is to think your job is to change your partner or die for them-that’s not true at all.

You deserve to be poured into as well,  you deserve to be loved too.

Its OK to want to be happy , you matter also , a good relationship is GIVE & TAKE  and not give give give.

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