Jesus Christ Never Taught Prosperity, Rather This Was What He Did – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals

The Presiding Pastor of Power City International, Dr. Abel Damina said while Jesus was on earth, He did not teach against prosperity nor did He teach against lack. He left it open for people to make the choice by themselves and live with what they are comfortable with. According to him, Jesus also taught generosity but was strongly against any form of oppression.

According to the Cleric in a YouTube video, “Jesus is the message of God to us. He is the heart of God’s revelation to us. Now, there is no way you will proceed to say that Jesus Christ taught against prosperity. Jesus Christ never taught against prosperity. Jesus was seen associated with the rich like Joseph of Arithmathea, Lazarus and his sisters, Mary Magdalene, Matthew the tax collector, Joanna, Susanna, and many others who were contributing from their resources to support Jesus and His disciples”.

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Speaking further, Dr. Damina said Jesus was also seen associated with the poor and the sinners. “There is no class of people Jesus did not associate with. He was not partial, everybody had access to Him because there is no social class in God. Social class is man’s invention. God is accessible to anyone that calls upon Him with a pure heart”, the Cleric said.

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