Jesus Never Told His disciples to hold deliverance service, which means deliverance service is a scam – Pastor Abel Damina reveals why

Nigerian controversial man of God, Dr Abel Damina, founder and senior pastor of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International, said that deliverance service is a scam.

According to the statement he made in the video he uploaded on his official Facebook account about an hour ago, he said Jesus never told his disciple in Luke 4: 18 to organize deliverance service or deliverance drama to people but to preach deliverance.

Pastor Damina insisted that deliverance is a message preached and it is called the forgiveness of sins, and in Acts 2:38, deliverance is called remission of sin or salvation.

He asserted that what some dramatic, entertainment churches call deliverance is a scam. He noted that some people have been going for deliverance for 5 years and yet to be free, he said that should be an indication that the power to be free is not there because if it is there, on the first day of deliverance, everything should have been settled.

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He added that Jesus did not say, these signs shall follow them that believe in my name, they will conduct deliverance services. He asked how people read their Bibles.

He clarifies that Jesus only says in my name they shall cast out devils. And casting out devils and deliverance is different.

Deliverance according to him is a message of forgiveness of sin or salvation (Acts 1:31, 10:43, 26:18) while casting out devil is a command.

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