Joyce Meyer – Thoughts, Words and Health (Part 1)

Founder of Joyce Meyer ministries Pastor Joyce Meyer presents a new sermon Titled “Thoughts, Words, and Health”.

The Bible tells us that we will never experience what Jesus died to give us unless our mind is completely renewed by the word, Some of us don’t know that negative thoughts produce negative effects in our lives, whereas positive thoughts can produce positive ones.

Sometimes we think that we can’t do anything about our thoughts, we just think anything that comes to our head. We can change our thought when we start thinking the wrong things, change it to something that will benefit us.

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Sometimes we don’t have any idea that our words affects anything, we just say whatever we felt like to whoever we felt like.

Proverbs 18vs21″the power of life and death is in the tongue”,  Change is wonderful but it takes a while, we have to work with the Holy Spirit because he’s our comforter,and what we all need is comfort and encouragement.

The Holy Spirit is ministering to each person personally something that we need to hear. Stress will never go away so we have change how we react to it.

And sometimes we think that if our life would just change but actually we are the one that has to change, we have to learn how to deal with life differently.

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Thoughts and words are very important, we reap what we sow, the attitude, the amount we give from what we have, if we sow good seeds then we’ve got a promise that we’re going to reap good harvest in our life.

Every thought is a seed and if they are negative, we will have a negative life.

Galatians 6vs7″Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”

What goes in our thoughts and heart, attitude shows up in our bodies, when sow bad thought we shall reap it.

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