Ladies, Don’t Be Deceived With ‘Delivering Like A Hebrew Woman’ -Rev. Fr. Oluoma Reveals Why

Reverend Father Oluoma Chinenye John, a Catholic Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja in a video hours ago, warned ladies who compromise their health over the statement, ‘delivering like a Hebrew woman’ during pregnancy. He went further to state what they can do when they are in such situation.

According to Rev. Fr. Oluoma from the video: “What you hear in most places is Good News and one of the most common ones they use is, delivering like a Hebrew woman. Do you know how many women who have died from that statement? When it is time for blood transfusion, they will say have faith on the Blood of Jesus. Instead of going to the hospital, they will bring prayer warriors. They have prayed some people to eternity.

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