Ladies Don’t Be Fooled, No Man Can Make You Happy – Archbishop Duncan Williams Reveals Why

Archbishop Duncan Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry sent an important message to singles in the church who think that marriage always brings happiness.

He revealed that no man can make you happy and you should not be fooled. He might make you laugh before marriage but after the marriage, he will make you angry. He is making you laugh now because you live separately, no pressure, no stress but when you live together under the same roof, you’d wake up in the morning and quickly cover your face with the blanket when you see his countenance.

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Speaking further, he said that you should learn to make yourself happy because if you don’t know how to make yourself happy and you are waiting for marriage to make yourself happy, you have missed it. He said that marriage is a responsibility. Speaking to the brothers, he said that they should not wait for a sister to make themselves happy but they should learn how to make themselves happy. “Learn to study the word, eat the scroll, pray, fast, exercise, take a walk, play music, dance on your own just to make yourself happy before you marry,” he said.

He then advised that you learn how to dance now so that when you marry, you can tell your partner to dance with you. And if she does not know how to dance, you will teach her how to dance.

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