“Ladies Don’t Marry A Man Who Does These Things Seven (7) Things” – Rev. Funke Adejumo Advises

Nigerian pastor, teacher, author, marriage counselor and humanitarian Rev. Funke Adejumo has advised ladies on the type on men they should not get married to.

She listed seven things that ladies should be wary of that a man does, I.e they should have no business getting married to someone who exhibits these seven traits she listed below.

She said

*Don’t marry a man that doesn’t listen to you..

*Don’t marry a man in whose side, your opinion doesn’t matter..

*Don’t marry a man that dishonours you..

*Don’t marry a man that raises his hand while you are dating..

*Don’t marry a man that dishonours you in the presence of your friends and family members

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*Don’t marry a man you can not respect.. The greatest need of a man is not food, he can get it anywhere. It’s not sex, he can get it anywhere. The greatest need of a man is respect.

*Don’t marry a man that disrespects you..Disrespect begins on how a man speaks to you, his body language. Some of you, because you want to marry at all cost, you pretend as if these things do not appear. Marriage does not change people, marriage amplifies what people are. Don’t say he will change after marriage. He will not change!

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