Lady shares the gifts her church abroad gave her despite never paying offering

  • A Nigerian lady, Nkechi Bianze, has shared photos of the over N41k in worth gifts her church abroad recently gave her
  • Nkechi marvelled at the Anglican church’s gesture despite only attending the church twice and has never paid tithes or offerings there
  • She knocked Nigerian churches while further revealing plans of her pastor and his wife to visit and bring her Christmas food

A Nigerian lady has sparked debate on social media after flaunting the nice gifts she received from her Anglican church abroad.

Nkechi Bianze excitedly showed off the gifts on Facebook that costs over $100 (more than N41k) in her estimate.

Lady knocks Nigerian churches as she shows off the gifts her church abroad gave her despite never paying offering
The lady said she has only attended the church twice Photo Credit: Nkechi Bianze

The lady knocked churches based in Nigeria while comparing them with their overseas counterparts stating that what is practiced in the West African country is quite different.

Nkechi expressed surprise that she got the gifts despite only attending the church twice and has never paid tithes and offerings.

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Stunned by the church’s gesture, Nkechi stated that she would begin paying offerings in the church to pay back some of the money they spent on her.

She also spoke on plans by her pastor and his wife to visit her with Christmas food.

She wrote:

“Church abroad is different from that thing you people practice in most Nigerian based Churches sha.

“Last night, I received a gift from my Anglican Church. This is a Church I joined 7 weeks ago and have attended only twice o.

“The contents of the box is worth over $100 by my rough estimate.

“I’ve never paid tithe and offering in this Church. Now, I am going to start paying offering o. Because I need to pay back some of the money these people are spending on me.

“My Pastor and his wife are still planning to visit me and bring me the Christmas foods they want to cook for me.”

Nigerians react

Kaycee Augusta said:

“In Nigeria, we give and give and keep giving even when we dont have and except blessings from above not from the church.

“Years back, I was once stranded in Abuja as a corper, the church I pay serious tithe and offering to couldn’t help me even when they knew that my alternative solution was to be housed by a male friend.

“They actually asked me for my tithe booklet which I never had because I didn’t see reasons to keep physcial record of I give to God.”

Joyce Ngozi Ozoagu wrote:

“The Nigerian pastor in my city always offer to come and help me with transporting my twins and I to church since my husband works on Sundays. Nigerian students are given gift cards to shop in the church every now and then.

“The kindness is just out of the world.”

Mimi Eze opined:

“Funny enough most people don’t see the scam here. “They will tell you touch not my anointed”. Giving should start from God’s house, that’s why he gave his only begotten son. But here, giving starts from us.”

Ese Oghene remarked:

“The things pastors use to swindle and scare Nigerians into giving in Nigeria, government already provided in developed country so they have to change tactics and be more Christlike as should be.”

Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman had pretended to pray after being caught stealing church offering and tithes.

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The video sighted by on a YouTube channel called House of Content had the woman entering a room with a basket full of money which seemed to be the church offering.

The unidentified woman was seen sweeping through the pile of money on the floor, selecting notes. After choosing what she wanted, the money was folded and kept in her breast area.

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