Lecrae Approves of “Healthy” Deconstruction That Embraces the Bible: “Jesus Christ Performed This”

Lecrae Gives His Blessing to “Healthy” Deconstruction That Includes Scripture: “Christ Himself Is Responsible for This”

According to Christian hip-hop singer Lecrae, deconstructing one’s life of “unhealthy thoughts and habits” can be spiritually beneficial provided one maintains a foundation in Scripture.

The church is experiencing two distinct forms of deconstruction. This week, the Grammy-winning musician posted a thread on Twitter contrasting the benefits of the two.

Lecrae claimed he had experienced deconstruction first-hand and was offering fans “food for thought” as a result.

According to what Lecrae wrote, “one kind of deconstruction” entails examining the Bible in order to “deconstruct toxic ideas and practices.” Christ accomplished this by dismantling the Pharisees’ exegetical framework for the Bible. “You have heard it said, but I say…” challenging conventional wisdom with Scripture. Healthy.”

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Conversely, he argued, “many millennials are utilizing culture to dispute scripture,” a tendency he denounced.

When “culture” becomes more important than “scripture,” Lecrae argued, “people start deconstructing themselves out of the faith.” When we realize that the Bible doesn’t reflect modern values, we start to doubt its authority. Unhealthy. Oftentimes, a person’s angry feelings against the Church is what sparks the harmful deconstruction. When people are trying to make sense of racism, misogyny, power abuse, etc., the last thing they want to do is turn to Scripture to explain away the failures of “church folks.”

People who have experienced “church hurt,” as Lecrae put it, “seek OUTSIDE of God for answers and find themselves blown around by every wind and wave of ideology.”

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I’ve been there before, he declared. Your marriage, family, mental wellness, and physical health are all fair game when God and morals are removed from the equation.

Lecrae emphasized that one’s religion should never be built on anything other than the Bible.

The plan is not to level the area and move in. Building comes first, then dismantling, and finally rebuilding. You can have a greater faith after going through reconstruction because you won’t be holding on to any of the negative beliefs you abandoned and will have a clearer picture of who Christ is, he stated. Reconstructing society after a deconstruction based on Scripture was central to many movements, from the Reformation to the Civil Rights era. I hope this can serve as inspiration to the struggling. I feel more certain in my beliefs than ever before. I know what it’s like, and you can get better.

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Lecrae talked to his audience about the problem. When someone questioned his morals based on the Bible, he responded by asking, “How do you interpret 2 Timothy 3:16?” The Bible can be used to teach, discipline, and instruct you in moral living since “all Scripture is breathed out by God.” What, if anything, do you use as a benchmark for truth and morality if not the Bible? When it comes to matters of faith, he advised another, “let the Scriptures speak to the culture rather than the culture speaking to the Scriptures.”

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