Let God Decide What Mothering Is Worth

The Value of Motherhood Is a Matter for God to Solve.

Growing up as a young mother with an overflowing stroller and used to having complete strangers count my children aloud, I was very aware that this specific form of fruitfulness was not widely valued in the public. I had a lot of godly encouragement from my spouse, the Bible, and the church, and I knew exactly why I needed it.

Simply accepting as true what God says regarding children is not the same thing as acting accordingly. My life has been blessed beyond measure by God with the gift of children, and it is through them that I have learnt the delightful reality that baskets full with fruit are heavy. Living a life that is glorious, plentiful, prolific, and faithful does not feel easy, easygoing, relaxing, uncomplicated, or streamlined. Truth be told, a mother’s life of faith is the only way to live it.

Changing diapers while slaying dragons

Mothers must have faith that their labor is meaningful, that it brings glory to God, and that it will have an everlasting impact if done right. And when we’re at our lowest, both physically and emotionally and spiritually, it’s more important to keep these things in mind. In the midst of a chaotic day caring for a toddler in your modest house, it might be difficult to see your efforts as kingdom-building, dragon-slaying, gospel-proclaiming, magnificent work.

Sometimes it’s tough to remember that your efforts are advancing God’s kingdom and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.
The physical self yearns to see the Cheerios, sippy cups, and sticky floors, and to revel in the pain of feeling invisible and unappreciated. The physical self is tempted to accept at face value what we can see with our weary eyes. So long, then. You’re wasting your life, you disheveled mother of a brood of filthy kids. To put it simply, you compromised. You’ve been tricked, and it’s becoming clear that you’re a naive dolt who never had any real goals in life.

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Yet, the physical form is never on our side. A strong faith is required to triumph against it. Never give it credence or make it a priority.

Activities for Children

Though I have no doubt that moms throughout history have felt discouragement, the current climate is unprecedented in its pushback against the basic, true fruitfulness of Christian marriage. Once upon a time, the world still respected prosperity and procreation. In such a setting, the flesh would not have been tested to its limits, and Satan could have found other means of distracting women. But now, in our period, we live in a world that believes it is creating itself from the ground up.

Nowadays, a young Christian couple may be married and openly declare their aspirations without facing any backlash. We are using these rules to play the game of life, which is really a board game. Our motivation is monetary, and we want to treat home ownership as a milestone achievement. It is our goal to sow the seeds of a carefree existence and reap the benefits of restful holidays. Children would be a curse in the world we are attempting to create. They wouldn’t qualify as a prize. They are not part of our legacy. At some time, we’ll pick out a puppy. Our goals will be satisfaction of our own whims, and if we achieve that, we will consider ourselves successful.

Christians, on the other hand, have no way of conceiving that they are genuinely shaping either the world or its norms. Because God the Creator has already determined the point of our being and revealed it to us in his Word, we are not engaged in such activity. This is the reality we live in; these are the things we must hold dear; these are the principles by which we must guide our lives. These things have already been decided by God and are thus out of our hands.

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God’s Appropriate Terminology for His Offspring

What the Bible says about children is in stark contrast to the secular ideas we’ve all been soaking up.

Some of us who have always been pro-life have come to believe that having kids is just a hassle unless you really, really, really want one, as everyone else wants a pet. We still find the image of the pregnant woman standing around the kitchen barefoot to be somewhat unsophisticated. We’ve let the outside world influence our views on what’s truly important in life.

What we really need is to spend more time soaking in the truth of God’s word, so that our doubts might be dispelled by the evidence. Simply said, what God says is true, and we should not and cannot deny its validity. Holy Scripture Declares,

Look, the fruit of the womb is a prize, and children are a blessing from the Lord. The offspring of one’s youth are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Whomever acquires a quiver full of them is blessed. When he faces up against his foes in the citadel, he will be unashamed. (Psalm 127:3-5)

Most of this paragraph will cause modern Christian couples to recoil in horror. That’s a prize I don’t desire, so no thanks. The use of military jargon is not appealing to me since I have no interest in starting a battle with anyone. For the most part, I’d rather not have a quiver at all, let alone one that’s bursting with activity. That doesn’t sound like a blessing I’d like to have.

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If you avoid the positive language that the Bible uses to describe children, you are missing out on a blessing from God. God’s blessings are the heaviest, most magnificent, and most sought-after things in the universe.

Yet Another Gift From Beyond Expectation

My first four children, who once shocked the world, are now teens and all taller than I am. Now I can perceive the splendor without any effort. Proverbs 17:6 states that grandchildren are a blessing to the elderly, and we’ve been far enough in this parenting business to know that crowns are earned by hard work. Gold that has to be extracted from the ground and purified in a furnace, and precious stones that are uncovered from far below the surface and require extensive cutting, polishing, and setting preparation. Glory weighs as much as gold but is far more valuable and authentic.

God’s words regarding the world are true, whereas human opinions about him are vapor.
Even though being pregnant at the age of 41 was not in my plans or expectations, I am extremely grateful to God for blessing us with baby number eight this year. What the Bible teaches about kids is accurate and genuine; I know this on a deep level. Yes, I agree with folks who stare at my pregnant tummy like it’s the point of a crazy exclamation mark. This punctuation mark is necessary because it follows a testimonial of God’s faithfulness. And he has a soft heart. Excellent work has been done by him for us.

The universe was brought into being by the very words of our God, the living God. What he claims the world is like is the truth, and what the world says about him is a cloudy illusion.

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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