“Let me tell you, all the witches in South South know I’m their husband” – Pastor Korede Komaiya Reveals

Pastor Korede Komaiya, Senior Pastor, The Master’s Place International Church, popularly called Pastor KK, has said the witches in South South knew full well that he is their husband.

Komaiya, in one of his sermons said “Let me tell you, all the witches in South South know I’m their husband, you no fit do me anything, na me go finish all of you, I am eternal, you’re temporal.

“Look, there’s no occult power from any level that can do me anything. I’ve been face to face with men carrying gun four times, I had no security.

“I will show the mystery of a blessed life this month. If I embark on a journey, all banditry, all kidnapping activities ceases, because they’ll receive spiritual signal “Danger is coming, clear off”.

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Anything I touch prospers, I am blessed, but sir, it’s a product of desperation, demand determines supply. Are you desperate?”

Komaiya also said he hates anyone who hated Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor David Ibiyeomie and that he believed in them the way he believed in God.

 “Look, with the whole of my heart, I believe in Bishop David Oyedepo and if you don’t believe in him, I have no relationship with you. I’m not neutral.

“There’s nothing like you’re talking against them and I want to listen whether there’s reasoning in what you’re saying, forever, what you’re saying is unreasonable, it’s complete crap, even if they’re wrong, I stand with them. I believe. I think this is where this sophisticated generation of internet and bloggers, they have missed it. We are so more than, and we’re more suffering. You see people moving from poverty to poverty, shame to shame,” he said.

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Komaiya boasted that his finances were supernatural, saying he is above inflation and did not if know anything was wrong with the economy of Nigeria.

“We have never cut down on my family and church expenses. I mean, to be blessed. Anything that happens affects you – what kind of life is that? Christianity is supernatural. This blessing for those who believe in me as their spiritual father, the same grace will answer for you in 24 hours,” he said.

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