“Listen to me Young People, Your Life Must be Planned” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Advises Young People

Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries international Pastor David Ibiyeomie in a recent post, has advised young people on the need to plan their life.

He said,

Listen to me young people, Even your life must be planned, because there are things you can’t do after a while. Life is like the seasons we have. We have four seasons; autumn, spring, winter, summer. So also life is in seasons.

No matter how you say you are spiritual, you can not play professional football at 40. It’s late because the season have passed!

Because there is a phase in your life, if you don’t plan it, that season is gone. And there is somebody at 32 still doing like a boyo. At 17 Joseph was out of His parents house and took his destiny in His hands.

They sent you to abroad and you are young does not mean you will start misbehaving. These days if you send children abroad, most of them misbehave and they say he’s a small boy. At 17 Joseph knew what He wanted. It was at the age of 12 Jesus began to plan His business, by 30 He took the world by storm..

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