Liz Truss: 7 facts about the UK’s new Prime Minister

Seven key facts about the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss

Mary Elizabeth Truss, a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party like predecessors Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher, has been chosen prime minister of the United Kingdom.

On Monday, Truss defeated Rishi Sunak, a former chief secretary of the Treasury and chancellor of the Exchequer, in a vote for Conservative Party leader. Truss won with 57.4 percent of the vote to Sunak’s 42.6 percent.

The 47-year-old Truss, a supporter of tax cuts and an opponent of “woke” identity politics, will replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is resigning in the wake of a number of scandals, including the one nicknamed “partygate,” which was a factor in his decision to resign.

In this article, we will go through seven facts about the new United Kingdom, Truss.
leader of the nation.
They consist of her prior work in government, her religious views, and her opposition to England’s monarchy in the past.

1. Anti-monarchical history

Truss was the president of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats and a student there, where she studied PPE and led the party. Her parents were political progressives, and she inherited their leftist views.

2. Prior work history in government

According to the official Conservatives website, Truss’s political career has been running strong since at least 2006, when she was elected as one of the Greenwich councilors.

She was elected as the representative for South West Norfolk in the House of Commons in 2010.
She has also held the positions of minister for women and equalities, minister for education, secretary of state for the environment, secretary of justice, chief secretary to the Treasury, secretary of state for international commerce, and president of the board of trade.

Truss was appointed secretary of state for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs last September.

Truss was anti-British back then.
she and her peers “we not believe humans are born to rule,” she said at a conference in Brighton in 1994, explaining why they opposed a monarchy.

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She told the BBC that in her youth, “I was a professional controversialist and I liked investigating ideas and stirring things up,” but that she has since shifted to the political right and now sees the royal family as “vital” to the country.

She reportedly told a gathering of Tories earlier this year, as reported by The Washington Post, “People may know about me that I have a bit of a dubious past.”

“Look, we’re all human; I had my share of foolish adolescent antics just like everyone else.
While my peers indulged in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, I was active in the Liberal Democrats.
I apologize.

3. Affair outside of marriage

Hugh O’Leary, an accountant, and Truss have been married since 2000. They first met in 1997 at a Conservative Party Conference.
The couple is raising two young women.

As reported by The U.K. Times in 2006, Truss had an 18-month romance with a former member of Parliament named Mark Field in the early 2000s.

After 12 years of marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Field filed for divorce in 2006, and the news was first reported by the Daily Mail.
According to the Express, though, Ms. Truss and Mr. O’Leary’s marriage endured.

In 2019, Mrs. Truss gave an interview to You Magazine, where she was similarly evasive when asked about the tumultuous period her affair became public, but she did emphasize: “I am genuinely happily married.”

4. Opposed Brexit At First

When Truss served as secretary of state for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs in 2016, she was a vocal opponent of Brexit.
for a variety of reasons, people are choosing to quit the European Union.

Truss spoke at the Food and Drink Federation’s annual dinner a few weeks before the Brexit referendum, during which she argued in favor of keeping the country in the EU.

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The British people, in my opinion, are rather sane.
They recognize, she said at the time, “that Britain would be better off economically staying in a reformed EU.”

Thank you to the Food and Drink Federation for making that statement publicly.
And the National Farmers Union has come out and stated the same thing.
I believe it is crucial to get that word out in the coming weeks.

However, Truss clarified that she had changed her mind and “would have voted for Brexit in retrospect” in an interview with the BBC last December.

Reason? “Because I think it has given us great freedom and flexibility as a country we didn’t have before,” she explained.
We may now integrate foreign policy priorities including commerce and development policy, military preparations, and diplomatic efforts.

5. Abortion

When it came to abortion, Truss voted to loosen the limitations placed on women in Northern Ireland, which were more stringent than those in England and Wales.

“We the People of the United Kingdom require that all of our laws be uniformly enforced throughout the whole country.
What she stated about the vote exemplifies union membership, Christian Concern reports.

However, she did not cast a vote on a measure to permanently legalize “DIY abortions” in England, where women are sent home to terminate a pregnancy and dispose of the remains without medical supervision or care, or on a measure to create “censorship zones” around abortion clinics to curb pro-life demonstrations.

Also, she didn’t vote on a bill that would have prohibited sex-based abortion restrictions.

6. Disparities in the LGBT community

The track record of Truss on LGBT issues is uneven.
She has advocated for a prohibition on sexual orientation conversion therapy and voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in the past.

But she has also spoken out against the concept of gender fluidity, arguing that “medical tests are crucial” and that “only women have a cervix.”

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A woman is a woman, period.
Truss was quoted by Christian Concern as saying, “I believe in treating trans people with respect; I feel that’s vital, but we should not mistake that with being precise in our terminology.”

Also, Truss thinks that any restriction on conversion therapy must “respect freedom of speech, and the ability of adults to consent, and the freedom to communicate the teachings of [religious organisations].”

Pink News, a UK LGBT publication, wrote that since Truss “entered the equalities office in 2019,” she “has frequently failed to advance LGBTQ+ rights in any significant way.”

According to an article published in July, “Truss may have voted in support of same-sex marriage, but she has done little to gain favor with LGBTQ+ individuals since then.”

7. Religious beliefs

Truss recently told an interviewer for The Evening Standard that she identified as Christian but did not engage in regular religious practice.

Truss responded, “I share the principles of the Christian faith and the Church of England, but I’m not a regular practicing religious person.”

In June, when the government sought to expel those who entered the country unlawfully by flying them to Rwanda, then-Foreign Secretary Truss ran afoul with Church of England leaders.

In a letter signed by multiple bishops, they said, “The guilt is our own because our Christian heritage should encourage us to treat asylum seekers with compassion, fairness, and justice as we have for generations.”

Truss told Niall Paterson of Sky News that the deportation program was “absolutely lawful” and “entirely moral” in response to the criticism.

Truss retorted, “What I’m saying to the critics of the policy who don’t have an alternative is that they don’t have an alternative, they are condemning our approach which is effective and does work.”

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