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Lovely Pictures Of Living Faith Church As they Celebrate Their 40 Years Anniversary

Posted by on May 9, 2021 — Drop A Comment

Lovely Pictures Of Living Faith Church As they Celebrate Their 40 Years Anniversary

Sermon By Bishop David Oyedepo 👇👇

-Bishop David Oyedepo at 40th Anniversary Prophetic Feast, Faith Tabernacle

*God said, let everything that has breath, it doesn’t matter what else he doesn’t have, let him praise the Lord.
*Who woke you up this morning?

Magnify the name of the Lord whose manifest presence has made the difference over the past 40 years.
Give Him thanks and praise for His faithfulness over this Commission.
Give Him thanks for His faithfulness over your life. It’s the dawning of a new day, in Jesus precious name, we have given thanks.

The Bible demands that we give thanks with understanding, “sing ye praises with understanding” (Psalm 47:7). The object of our praise and thanksgiving is Jesus. Everything we celebrate is made to be by Him. Except the Lord builds, they labour in vain that attempt to (Psalm 127:1). He was the One walking with them confirming the Word with signs following (Mark 16:20). You can declare the Word, only He can confirm the signs. He is our target of thanksgiving, He is our focus of thanksgiving. All the glory goes to Him because He is the One behind the scene.
Not to us, not our efforts, for He is the One at work in us both to will and to do (Philippians 2:13). Please retain Jesus as the focus of this thanksgiving.
Not our strategies, He made the strategies: He made them open to us.
Not our strength: by strength shall no man prevail (1 Samuel 2:9).
Everything that makes the difference here is the presence of Jesus.

Help me lift up your two hands and give Jesus thanks.
“I will build my Church”, He said, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Celebrate this great Builder, the Owner of His Church. He purchased the Church with His own blood. Celebrate Him, Magnify Him. He was working with them confirming the Word with signs following. “Without Me, you can do nothing”, He said. Behind the marvels we see is Jesus.
We celebrate you Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, we have given thanks.

We are going to sing, we are going to dance, we are going to jump with understanding.

Psalm 92:1-2, 10-15

This scripture unveils to a very great extent certain vital treasures hidden in thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving provides access to fresh oil that continues to destroy yokes on our parts
    Isaiah 10:27, Psalm 89:20
    Every time you engage in thanksgiving, you access the gates to the throne of God (Psalm 100:4).
    “I have found” (Psalm 89:20) – He finds you through thanksgiving and praise; finding you means anointing you afresh, that is why thanksgivers don’t run dry of the oil. Thanksgivers don’t run dry of the oil.
    -The oil on your head will never grow dry again and so no yoke will survive on your life, in your family through the mystery of addiction to a lifestyle of thanksgiving.
    That is the only place He can find you. Let us be thankful unto Him and bless His name (Psalm 100:4).
    “I have found David my servant, with my holy oil have I anointed him” – Psalm 89:20
    Psalm 89:21-24
    One of the vital treasures to thanksgiving is access to fresh oil.
  2. Thanksgiving provokes God to take over our battles – Psalm 92:11
    God takes over our battle through the mystery of thanksgiving and praise. He levels out our enemies as He takes over our battle (2 Chronicles 20:22, 24).
    Thanksgiving is a medium through which we transfer our battles to God.
    Having entered the Promised Land, whatever giants that may be hiding somewhere there, as you remain addicted to a lifestyle of thanksgiving, He takes over your battles.
    -You are going to see wonders.
  3. Thanksgiving empowers us to continue to flourish like the Palm tree. You don’t know dry season.
    Palm trees don’t know dry seasons. Thanksgiving terminates dry seasons in the life of the thanksgiver.
    -You will never know dry seasons in your life again.
    I believe why we have been winning and winning and winning and flourishing and flourishing is the addiction of this Commission to thanksgiving: intense. I don’t want the Pastors to be scared, after all the thanksgiving here, we are still going to our corner, to do the ‘Extra’ that has made us Extraordinary over the years. Thanksgiving!!!!
    You keep flourishing even in the desert. Thanksgiving!!!
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My wife could never pick from my face any time in those early days in the Kaduna Church, we were still on in Kwara State and any time I returned home, the joy was unspeakable: palpable joy Sir.
Our number:9
Number: 12
Number: 20
Intense thanksgiving.
We were up in one place, in one crusade that appeared to have failed and I said, “hey, if you don’t give thanks, it will be the last crusade that you will see. Let’s celebrate Jesus.”
We had a city-wide revival week in Kaduna: healing and deliverance. Highest attendance: 63.
We gathered together on Monday morning, “all the glory must be to the Lord for He is worthy of our praise. No man on earth should give glory to Himself, all the glory must be to the Lord.”
My going to Kaduna will never need flier. Church Announcement in Covenant Hour is enough, every living soul that loves Jesus will gather. Fliers will be a waste of time.
“Hello, he is coming to town tomorrow. Time: 5 pm. God bless you” – That is the flier.
In the same city we stayed for 8 nights and 63 people: thanksgiving changed the story.
-Many have been at the same spot for too long. The last thing they will do is to give God thanks. They specialize in complaining to Him.
“God, did you not call me? For 8 days? ‘Ki lo de’ (what happened?) What have I done?”
“All the glory must be to the Lord for He is worthy of our praise. No man on earth should give glory to Himself, all the glory must be to the Lord.”

My prayer coming in today is to ask God to get everyone under the sound of my voice addicted to the mystery of thanksgiving so you can access the treasures that are hidden therein. Amazing things. Thank You Jesus!

Psalm 67:7
You keep flourishing like a Palm tree engaging with the mystery of thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving causes believers to scale new heights like the cedar in Lebanon (Psalm 92:12)
    You grow up like a cedar, the tallest of trees: you gain supernatural heights praising God. You praise Him, He raises you. The more you praise Him, the more He raises you. So we go up by praise, we keep going up by praise, we keep scaling new heights by praise.
    Praise is a product of gratitude. You cannot be praiseful except you are grateful (Psalm 92:1).
    Only the grateful who ever become praiseful and only the praiseful ever become God-full because He inhabits the praises of His people. So He becomes a living wonder by the mystery of thanksgiving that graduates into praise and habours divine presence.
    -Well it is your turn, it’s your turn!
    -In this Promised Land, you will never suffer stagnation forever.
    You cannot be grateful and not be praiseful. You cannot be praiseful and not be dance-full, you cannot be dance-full and not see the hand of God on your life. That is what makes the difference.
    We don’t win the war by strength, we win the war by strategies (Eccelesiastes 9:15).
    It’s all about wisdom and what is wisdom? “Hearing these sayings of mine and doing them.”
    -You will never suffer setback anymore in your life.
    Scaling new heights (Habakkuk 3:17-19).
    You’ve given Him thanks in all things and for all things; you keep scaling new heights as you do (1 Thessalonians 5:18, Ephesians 5:20).
    -May this become everyone new way of life from now.
  2. Thanksgiving empowers believers to remain fruitful until old age (Psalm 92:1-2, 14).
    It is a covenant between God and His people. You be thankful, keep showing my lovingkindness to everyone around you. You know why some will never have more testimonies, the one God did is to small for them to share. It is too small.
    Somebody has been given a miracle job and he says, “no this is not the kind of job I am looking for. I can’t testify of this. I want a job in a multi-national company. I must be earning in Dollars and Pounds Sterling and Yen”
    Since you know what you want, go and take it.
    What I am teaching now, I started teaching it in Primary School and you saw the story: I taught in Primary School, I taught in Secondary School. I taught in the University, I am teaching in Church. I enjoyed every stage of it, all my children got saved, all of them because that is my mission.
    “Hello, you need Jesus” and I cuddle you until you surrender.
    Anything that God does that is too small in your sight, it may be the last you’ll see: share your testimony.
    Well I was only healed of pain in my finger: can I go and be saying that?
    Why didn’t you remove the pain before you came?
    You know what pain and ache means for one day? To now have it for 10 years and Jesus heals him: I can’t go for this, maybe it just changed by itself.
    (To Bishop David Abioye): You were sharing the testimony that I was sharing with you in 1989, “do you know something my son, somebody comes up and gives me a seed of 1000 Naira every week. Isn’t God fantastic?”
    That’s how He multiplies it as I keep growing with a heart of gratitude.
    God built you a house. You say, “this ordinary house! All my colleagues have houses in Central London. One of them even has a house very close to White House. I am now building a house in ‘Atan’ and you now say, ‘I should testify.’ I can’t testify.”
    Well over to you, this God is too sweet to follow if you are humble enough.
    I want you to dance away your concerns because they no longer exist except you desire to keep them.
    They no longer exist. Church Gist. You are where you are and who you are today by the grace of God (1 Corinthians 15:10).
    Everything you are, everything you have, everything you know: they are all by the grace of God.
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He is worthy of our praise as a Commission and our addiction will go to next levels in terms of acknowledging His goodness time and again.

We must beware of the cost of not giving thanks. I think that is important, it will be a serious motivation for a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

  1. Lack of thanksgiving can turn our glory to shame
    Say with me, “God forbid.”
    Malachi 2:1 -3
    It is a heart issue, it is not just singing with the mouth.
    Dung: so you smell by not laying it to heart to give God glory. God forbid because you will take that warning.
  2. Lack of thanksgiving can stop our way forward.
    That man came back with a loud voice glorifying God and He moved him from cleansing to wholeness (Luke 17:15, 19). Lack of thanksgiving can keep you at the same spot for life. So be thankful in all things and for all things; that will make all the difference in our lives.
  3. It is important to know that lack of thanksgiving can lead believers into captivity.
    You just suddenly find that your liberty has been eroded. The devil has come to invade your territory.
    Jeremiah 13:15-17
    -May your liberty not become captivity.
  4. Lack of thanksgiving destroys just as pride does (Psalm 28:5)
    For every little favour you see from henceforth, for every finger of God you see in your life, there must be spontaneous thanksgiving response: Thank You Jesus and then He turns things around if they are not the shape they should be; if they are in the shape they should be, He establishes them, multiplies them and perfects them. My God.
    A thankless believer will be struggling for life.
    Therefore, be ye thankful, it is the way forward in the Kingdom.
    Be ye thankful, it is the way to multiplication of blessings in the Kingdom.
    Be ye thankful: it is a commandment.
    -The end has come to your struggling to survival as you hand over your precious life to Jesus and subscribe to the commandment of scriptures.
    1 Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 10:36, Ephesians 5:20
    For all things, for every little thing.
    We have seen marvellous things and they are the raw doings of the Lord. No man has capacity to do anything without Him, talk less of marvellous things. He said, “without Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5)
    Who woke you up this morning Sir?
    Who stayed with you in the night while you slept?
    Who sustains the breath in your nostrils?
    And He said, let everything that has breath, it doesn’t matter what else he doesn’t have, let him praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6).
    The only way to have what is missing is to praise the Lord; the only way to preserve the blessing, the marvels in your life and my life is thanksgiving and praise as a way of life.
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I’ve found a new light of living, I’ve found a new way in Christ, I’ve got the fruits of the Spirit. I am abiding, abiding in the vine.
-This thing pays us as a Commission. It will pay you more and more as you engage with it.
Has God been good to anyone here?
Do you have His lovingkindness to show about your life, about your family, about your health?
Give the Lord a big hand of praise

As at yesternight, across our Church network in Nigeria, we harvested 16,000 testimonies. That is 6,000 above the testimonies of Shiloh 2020. Humbling testimonies, the raw acts of God, we owe God thanks.

Give God thanks for His good hand on your life. Celebrate Him.

Lord Jesus we return all the glory for our triumphant entrance into our prophetic Promised Land. We return all the glory to You for the impact of the prophetic feast. We return all the glory to You for the diverse testimonies you gave to your people and we thank You Jesus. Take all the glory. May thanksgiving become the new lifestyle of everyone under the sound of my voice.
-No more shall anyone among us be found murmuring.
-No more shall anyone be a victim of complains.
-May following God remain the delight of your soul for life.
-The same way it has turned a fortune out of this Commission, it shall turn amazing fortune out of your life.
-Your joy another man will not take away.
Thank You Father. Take all the praise.
Great things He has done, greater things He will do, unto the Lord be the glory, great things He has done.
Make it very personal, let it come from the depth of your soul: unto the Lord be the glory, great things He has done.
Has He done great things in your life?

In the next Sunday, Anointing Service, there shall be a baptism of favour, because you are matching out of that prison house into your palace. The favour that located David will find you.
You will get out of the sheepfold into the palace.
Nothing flies like favour, you will never be grounded again in life.
As you praise Him, there shall be a multiplication of the impact of this feast in your life.
As you thank Him, there shall be a perfection of what God has delivered in your life.







Happy 40th Anniversary to the Winners Family ❤️

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