Man under fire on social media after saying Mercy Chinwo and her Fiance, Pastor Blessed already engaged in premarital s£x

Man under fire on social media after saying Mercy Chinwo and her Fiance, Pastor Blessed already engaged in premarital se-x

As Mercy Chinwo and her fiance, pastor blessed pre-wedding pictures surface online yesterday, social media went [email protected] as they became the main gist and the talk of the town.

A unidentified man took to his social media to condemn the pre-wedding pictures Mercy Chinwo and her fiance posted on their social media platforms. In his words he said both of them as been engaging in premarital se-x for them to snap those pictures in that manner.

Social media reacted as we saw his article on a different page on Facebook. Sp


Dear mercy Chinwo,

Premarital se-x is a sin and the bible and the Gospel you preach forbids it.

Looking at this picture no doubt that you and your husband-to-be have already done the forbidden act which the bible described as FORNICATION.😒 .

My dear Chinwo you have no evidence to proof that such have never happened between you and this man.

You’re a preacher of the Gospel and we believe you know all of this.

No priest in his right senses will conduct such wedding where premarital se-x is the order of the day.

You and your partner have abused the Gospel you preach.

You can only be allowed to engage into traditional marriage because You have already deflowered yourself..The wedding is nolonger a holy wedding.

Go on your kneels and ask your creator for forgiveness in your own religious way and also tender a public Apology to the general public.

This picture position is UNCALLED FOR and it is obvious that you are pregnant.😥

Mercy your fans are looking up to you and the body of Christ aswell.

Your baby bump is now visible and we can see through it…Maybe the reason for this emergency studio broadcast.

Mercy tell us the truth before things get out of hand.

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Me: Vawulence everywhere.. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

Some Reactions from social media 👇👇

Can you remain a man and a mortal being that you’re than taking the place of God.Who made you a judge over their affairs and their lives. Do you know you can be Sued for this. Do you really have evidences to your alleged claims or you’re judging by the pictures. I think you should be smart and well learned enough to know that putting this on a public domain is bad mostly when you’re not very sure. I just hope its not for fun

Well done Pontius Pilate! Perhaps the author of the above nonsense is envious of Chinwo’s ‘would be’ husband for possessing what he’ll never have (probably).

Nawaoo…. So to announce ordinary engagement it’s now a crime. If na so celebrity be I better remain in my house and be shining. WHAT THE HELL! HATERS AND JEALOUS HEARTS EVERY WHERE. ENEMIES OF PROGRESS CLINGED TO THE WALLS AROUND YOUR CORNER. Mtcheww

Hey wisdom Atashie u are jest an enemy of progress that’s what you are, pls 🙏 allow mercy chinwo to enjoy her new home in peace, don’t be an obstacle her…..or are you telling me that this is hw u do abuse ur suevistors that want to marry ur sisters them, my dear if u still used this hand ur sister’s them will remain in ur father’s house so stop judging people anyhw, think before u say whatever nonsense u want to say pls ooooooo

Shey Mercy for kukuma keep this engagement and marry peacefully. Because these daggers, I don’t know who sent them. Shey they will not allow Mercy to enjoy her relationship/marriage in peace.

That means some people are happy because she is still single. Because I don’t understand.

What Rubbish, what Nonsense, can u jst imagine this Man. Mr Wisdom Atashie who made u a judge over dia lives¿ are u God¿ they need to sue dis man to court. U wnt to become deputy God or Jesus over dia lives and affairs. This is so annoying. If dey check well u re not pure. This is so annoying. Haters everywhere. U people should let her be. We love her.

Everybody wants to trend via social network by tarnishing other people’s image even you too Alika Ngwere came out from the fence to blab about the Queen you are not even worthy to sit close to. Condemnation Pastor of doom, can you plz tell the world when you were disvirgin, and at what age? Notify us of the church you preach or worship, your community, house or office address so we can make enquiries and know the saint you are. Fool forever and enemy of Progress, You accuse her just to tarnish her name and marriage,the judgement you pronounce must come upon you. Amen.

Oga you that thinks you know the Bible more than anybody else will you tell me that you have not violated one of the commandments if no then everybody must not be like you ok beside mercy chinwo is not a preacher but a gospel singer and no body is perfect except God even Jesus Christ said He is not perfect is it human being that will be perfect oga go and rest if you don’t know what to said go and read you bible

From the look of all things u got nothing relevant to say.who is the public here?she got her life to live and please as well.why would she impress the public simply cause she’s a gospel singer?you preaching can u marry a girl without having a Lick of that forbidden fruit?pls we are in an advance world now and what u are trying to table now is outdated.

Dear sir, how can u tell they have been committing fornication, do you have an evidence to prove that? How can u tell she might be pregnant, even if she did commit fornication i believe you forget about the bible part that said do not judge so that you will not be judge(matt 7:1) at this time all she need from you is prayer not critics…What did i know…..

My man you look beyond your shadow, you are not there in between them and you can not just be guesting and laying course on this fellow, you would have just advised them to be care so that what happened to Chidima will not occurred, became there are many wounds clothes is covering

Why didn’t this Jesus P.I. ( private investigator) tell us that Late Osinachi was heavily abused by her husband. Where is his telescope when Owo massacre was going on? Please he should tell us those responsible o because he seem to know too much.😦😦😦

Na wa o, assistant Jesus rest. You were the one that helped them hold the touch light or helped the man to put the thing inside 🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️

Na wa oooo, be like una just dey find opportunity to tell her word since…..And the last time I checked she isn’t Mary Magdalene abi God PA, special advisers leave her alone….

This is the main point I was saying a private life and secret marriage 💑 is just the best these days ..what you dish out to the public over your life its what they will use to judge you…just like I new when I said it, it would have been a surprise to the public to have known that she got married and pictures will start popping out that’s if she wants o!… not just pre-wedding photos and it’s all over every little or big bloggers pages ..May God help you cause one way or the other your reading those strong criticism on line ..

What do you have to say about this guys?

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  1. Make papa GOD punish you 14 times! You be witch. So you bin dey happi say she never find husband abi? Make thunder fire you their.. She don marry be say she don marry, go jump inside water.. FOOL

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