Many Believers Are Lazy And They Call It Faith – Bishop David Oyedepo Advises What They Should Do Instead

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel Church has delivered a message on faith and the approach of some believers to its practicability in their lives. the cleric has condemned the lazy attitude of some believers, which they have termed to be faith. In his words, the cleric has stressed that faith cannot get a believer into success without work.

According to the cleric, without a diligent approach to life, one is sure to end up a failure. The kingdom has no allowance for idle people hence, you must be diligent and resourceful. One can never succeed in any endeavour without being diligent in his approach

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The cleric has also stressed in his words that, in every business concern and career endeavour, how active you determine what impact you make. Many claim to be in their business but their business is not moving up because they are just idling about. They keep sleeping and waking up at 10 am— they do not go anywhere. 

Without a diligent approach to life, one is sure to end up a failure

The cleric has also advised believers to move up and start something worthwhile. He has advised that whatsoever their hands find doing, they should do it diligently. There is dignity in labor.

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