“Many Believers Have Turned to Muslims For Money” – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide while speaking at the Midweek Communion Service, Canaanland, said that many Christians in Nigeria have converted to Muslims because of money. 

In his words, “Many have turned to Muslims for money. Eternal life has no meaning to them. If therefore money were evil, then God is dwelling in the midst of evil. When Christ came, He could feed 5000 men because he had the money.

“He was asking where they can get to buy it. So he had the money. He knew no sin, so if money was a sin Jesus won’t have it. John 6:6-9. Jesus never begged. Jesus the son of God was a die-hard giver. He gave and gave until He gave His own life.

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“It is not easy to give your god, when money becomes your god you can’t give it. That rich fool said, “I have enough”. There was no sign that he had a wife or anything. I have enough to eat and drink until I die. He said you will die now, I didn’t give you to keep. I gave you to give. Luke 12:19.”

Finally, he said, “Christ was always going in a convoy of ships. He was in the ship and other little ships with him to carry his contingents. Mark 4:36-39. He asked to go and look for a large Upper Room, well furnished. Luke 22:12. Money is not evil.”

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