“Many Christians experience a period that is often referred to as dry” – This Is Why Your Blessing is Delayed, Prophet Emmanuel Makandinwa Reveals

Have you ever prayed and fasted about something and you have incredible faith that it will happen but yet it does not happen as you have expected? Many Christians experience a period that is often referred to as dry or wilderness experience where nothing seems to be happening or working inspite of many days of fasting and prayers. some even go to the extend of sowing special seed to activate and fasten the manifestation of that which they expect or desire. 

Yet, nothing happens. Many people think that a hidden sin may be responsible. others think may be they have not done enough or they didn’t pray well or it is not the will of God for them. However, Prophet Emmanuel Makandinwa explains in a recent sermon that none of these is the reason for delayed blessing in the life of a believer.

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According to the man of God, there is nothing really wrong when a Christian has such experiences. He acknowledges that there are times when you may feel as if your blessing is taking too long, and it appears as if your neighbors are experiencing their visitation before you.

The prophet explained that this kind of experience is a normal and part of spiritual process a believer may sometimes have to go through. Therefore, a believer’s blessing may be deliberately delayed by God and when such happens, God is taking the believer through a time and process of maturing. Besides, Prophet Makandinwa explained delayed blessings are usually long and lasting blessing. As such, there are blessings that will be delayed because they are meant to last forever with the receiver.

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“You must understand that when your blessing is delayed, you are being given time to mature so that when you finally receive it— it will not be a temporary blessing, but a long-lasting one; a BLESSING that STAYS!”

A great example of this is found in the blessing of the fruit of the womb. Abraham and Sarah had to wait for over 70 years before they could have a child. The arrival of the child was delayed because he was a great child who would carry the glory of the family to the generation. The same story applies to Samuel’s mother Hannah who had waited many years to conceive a child. But when Samuel showed up- he was no ordinary child, he was a prophet of God- a prophet to the nation of Israel.

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