Marriage does not make a woman complete – Rev. Funke Advises Ladies The Things To Do To Discover Their worth

Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo is the wife of the presiding Bishop of Agape Christian Church. The strict and staunch cleric is renowned for her absolute stand on rightness when it comes to relationships and marriage. Ndepo Tv has taken to its platform to share the video of a lecture delivered by the cleric on relationships and marriage. The cleric has bluntly addressed the issue of the female considerations in marriage. In her words, the cleric has stressed that marriage does not make a woman complete.

As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has reiterated the norms and beliefs of the African background which tend to look down on the female gender. when a woman is running to around 34 years, the mother would have been impatient and worried. This is in respect of the fact that she is expected to have been married with children. But, in the case of the man, even if he is forty years old, the mother would not do more than beg him to get married soonest. The attention is always on the female folks. If a woman is over forty and unmarried, the mother would have dragged her for deliverance in the church. Upon this, the cleric has advised the single ladies not to be moved by all these. You must not by all these compromises your stand for the best. Marriage cannot complement you as a woman. You must, first of all, discover your worth and earn your dignity by being the best. This must also be seen and appreciated by any would-be husband.

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As shared by the cleric, one thing that must determine if you are ready for marriage and if you would at all get married is if you have gotten the man with the right mentality and mind. It is better to be unmarried than to be married to someone who is not worth it. You could only be complete when you have someone who would see you and value your components as a virtuous woman. The cleric has advised single ladies to make sure they are not devalued by anyone. Maintain your dignity and do not value anyone who would not reciprocate your gesture.

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