Meet 30 Ibadan Popular Pastors and the Churches they Run

Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state, is blessed with good number of powerful and influential men of God. These men of God are not just popular, but they have won more souls to the Kingdom of God either through their preaching, Christian publications or awareness on both television and radio stations as well as social media and crusades. 

While some go to these men of God because of “miracles”or “Solutions” to their problems, some patronise them for soul-lifting messages. This is because each of them has different special area of calling. While some are revivalists or spirit-filled evangelists, some have been blessed with power to perform miracles. 

Some of them are so blessed with power of the word of God that they can use just the word to turn things around positively. 

I present to you list of the most talked about pastors/prophets in Ibadan. Ministries of some of these men of God have grown so big with branches all over the country and even outside the country and always like a small mecca whenever there is program.


Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere is one of the founding fathers of Christ Apostolic Church, C.A.C after Joseph Ayo Babalola. He is a powerful man of God with special anointing. Even with his age (in his late 80s), many still crave to see him for special prayers. His C.A.C Oke-Agbara Church is always like a meca, people come from far and near to partake in his “Prayer with Automatic Answer” program every other Monday. He has planted and supervised many branches of C.A.C worldwide. He is the man of God in charge of C.A.C Oke-Agara Oluwatedo, Ashi area on Ibadan. 


He is another old but powerful man of God with C.A.C background. He is the founder of Christ Revival Miracle Centre (CREMIC). Baba OWA as he is fondly called is a renowned revivalist and an Evangelist. People don’t joke with his predictions and prophecies.


Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara is a retired General Evangelist of CAC, the position he occupied for good ten years. Baba Abiara is also an international Evangelist with firebrand in him. At almost 80, the man of God still holds mega revivals and still performs miracles. He is the man of God in charge of C.A.C Agbala-Itura, with branches scattered across the globe. 


Pastor Olubi Johnson is the President of Christ Life Ministries and the Senior Pastor of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre. He has grown more than an ordinary pastor; he is a teacher, preacher and researcher who takes interest in computer voice and control systems, artificial intelligence and theoretical physics. Pastor Olubi Johnson is the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Lifeforte International High and Junior Schools, Ibadan, a Citadel of learning he co founded alongside his lovely wife, Sarah Johnson in1990.

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Pastor Femi Emmanuel is the founder and presiding pastor of the Living Spring Chapel International. Headquarters of his church at Agbowo/Ojo Expressway, Aduloju, Ibadan has been a reference point to how successful his ministry is. Over the years, his popular early morning radio program “Turning Point” has been a must listened to program.


Pastor Adeyemi is the founder and senior pastor of Global Harvest Church with branches in Nigeria and abroad. He is the immediate younger brother of Pastor Sam Adeyemi. He is a very passionate Evangelist with special grace. He has organised crusades and seminars within and outside the country. He is married to Jumoke Adeyemi and they as both working in God’s vineyard.


The Estate Surveyor turned-preacher, Taiwo Adelaku is the founder of Victory International Church, Rehoboth Cathedral, with branches within and outside the country. He is one of the rich men of God with strong vision and tested anointing. His daily telecast, “A Word from The Lord”, is shown on several TV stations. His name as well as his ministry has become a major mark in the christian circle. He owns and run Victory Christian Schools, Rehoboth Online Bookstore, Dominion Broadcasting Network, Light Bearers Fellowship and Taiwo Adelakun Foundation.


Bishop Francis Wale Oke is the founder and presiding Bishop of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries also known as Christ Life Church in Ibadan. He is an Evangelist and has authored many Christian books. He is one of the powerful ans popular pastors around.  


Pastor Wale Nelson Adetuberu is no doubt one of the most popular men of God in Ibadan. He is the founder and the pastor in charge of Faith Chapel International. He is a teacher, preacher and a motivational speaker. His son, Gbemi Adetuberu is also a pasrot and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Funke Adetuberu has her outreach ministry, though which many women are being encouraged and many vision being shaped.


The founder of Rhema Chapel International, George Adegboye is an international man of God by all standards. He is a pastor of pastors and has mentored many pastors and members in the Christian circle. Good number of pastors, who are today big men of God) have passed through his ministry. Though the headquarters of his church is located in Ilorin but he is popular in Ibadan. His two brothers are also pastors. Pastor George Adegboye, as a motivator, has written many books and several other inspirational materials. His preaching is always spirit-filled and soul-lifting messages.

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He is a pastor, a teacher and the founder Word Alive Ministry International aka The Stone Church, which he started in 1993. He is Chartered Architect by profession. Pastor Alex Adegboye is said to have given his life to Christ during his degree programme in 1979. He is the younger brother of Pastor George Adegboye.


He is the pastor in charge of Charis Family International in Ibadan. Pastor Tunde Jayebo is a charismatic man of God, whose life has impacted many positively. He is a good preacher too.


He is the the founder of the Glorious Ambassador Prayer Ministry popularly known as ‘Apedahun’. He is a deliverance pastor and a prayer warrior. His ministry has grown in leap and bound since its commencement some years back and he has since added many branches, in Lagos and some few other place. 


Like the late highly respected prophet, Obadare, Pastor Moses Kasali is a blind man of God. He is the founder of Moutain of Mercy also known as Ori-Oke Alaseyori. Kasali is a powerful prophet and people come to his church from far and near. He has turned around the story of his people at Ojedeji Village where his church is located in Ibadan, along Iseyin Road. Through him, his people now enjoy electricity, good wate rand a secured environment because there is a police station, donated by the man of God, in that area.


The presiding Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries in Ibadan, Oyo state, Prophet Wale Olagunju is popular for his predictions and prophecies and he is respected for that. He is well trained Evangelist and understands teaching of the Bible.


Like his profile reads, Francis Madojemu is an experienced pastor with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit Organization, management and industry. Skilled in non-profit Organizations, negotiation and business.

He is the founder of The Bridge Network and he is an Architect by profession, a Business & Social Entrepreneur, Consultant for ReCLAIM Culture, as well as the CEO of NuSTREAMS Concepts, owners of NuSTREAMS Conference & Culture Centre, GameWorld. He is a multi-gifted motivational speaker as well as an educator whose principles on Success and Wealth fly in the face of conventional wisdom. 


They are the pastors in charge of Rock of Salvation Apostolic Church and Havilah Mountain of Fire in Ibadan. Their mountain is so popular that people rush there from different parts of the country and even beyond. They have branches in London and America.

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He is the founder and the man of God in charge of Glorious Liberty Assembly, Ibadan. Pastor Oyeniran is a Bible scholar and trained pastor. 


Baba ‘Sekunderin’ as he is fondly called in Ibadan is one of the powerful men of God around. His ministry has grown so big. He is the man of God in charge of Tworem International Ministries aka Sekunderin.


“Baba Love” as he is popularly called in Ibadan is the General Overseer of Love of Christ Global Bible Church. He is a preacher and a revivalist with a powerful anointing.


Prophet Kolawole is well know in and around Ibadan as a man of God, not only because of his many crusades but for his powerful predictions. He is the founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbogunmi, at Olomi area of Ibadan. He is one man of God who needs no introduction. Those who have not met him must have either read or heard about him. 


Pastor Oyedele received the call of God upon his life around 1979 while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agronomy) at the University of Ibadan.

On a Saturday afternoon, he was led to go and pray at the University Chapel and after several hours of intercession, he heard God clearly say, “you will work for me”. Since then he has not looked back and his ministry is growing on a daily basis.


He is the General Overseer of Word Communication Ministries and the presiding Apostle and Founder of Christ Family Assembly Churches. He is an experienced televangelist and good motivational speaker.  


According to Reverend Oduwole, In the month of November 1994, the word of the Lord came to him saying: “I have empowered you to reach out to the nation, transforming lives with the word of faith” This awesome commission led to the establishment of Word Ablaze Mission International in the year 1996. And that was what subsequently gave birth to Triumphant Assembly. Since then the word has sticked, as Oduwole keeps expanding and preaching the word to more people.


Evangelist Timothy Ojotisa is the founder of Christ Covenant Church, IGEM. He is popularly called Baba IGEM in Ibadan and has one Christian program or the other virtually on all the major radio and t.v stations. People rush to his church because of his deep knowledge of the word of God while preaching and fire for fire revivals. 

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