Men Instead Of Beating Your Wife, If You Are Tired Of Her Do This Instead – Pastor Paul Enenche Advises men

Dr Paul Enenche has shared a message on domestic violence and why those men beating their wives are very wrong. In his words, he has condemned such actions and revealed some advice that he would suggest for those that seem to be tired of their spouses.

The cleric has advised those men that beat their wives always that, if they are tired of their spouses, they should let their parents know about it by taking her back to their home. Since their parents were the ones that released her to be married, they are also in the position to be able to attend to you understandably.

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In his words, the cleric has advised the men thus, this is my counsel, if you are tired with anybody’s child, hand them over to their parents. You took them from somewhere, hand them over there in dignity. Also, the cleric has advised the abused woman that, if the abusive husband does not want to involve her parents, hand herself over. This is because some could even be addicted to the abuse. They are just addicted, which is very wrong. This is the place where a family comes in.

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