Men Of God Are Mostly Ruined By This Three Things.

Men Of God Are Mostly Ruined By This Three Things.
Men Of God Are Mostly Ruined By This Three Things.

Three things that always destroy Men of God

1. Women can bring down any man of God. The Trojan War, which lasted for ten years was caused by a woman–Helen of Troy. Prince Paris took the wife of Menelaus of Sparta. King Agamemnon rallied his allies and they besieged the city of Troy. King Agamemnon was the elder brother of Menelaus.

Troy was destroyed after ten years, and Helen was taken back by her husband.

King David was brought down by catching a view of a naked woman. He repented when God sent Nathan to rebuke him. His repentance is seen in Psalm 51.

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A woman went for counseling without wearing a bra and a pant. As the counseling progressed, she quickly pulled off her clothes.

Afterwards, the lady taunted the pastor,”haven’t you done the thing your were running away from?”. The pastor wanted to commit suicide.

Men Of God Are Mostly Ruined By This Three Things.

2. “Pride goes before a fall.” Pride can bring down any person. Humility is a great asset. Many men have been destroyed by pride. Pride means you cannot own up your mistakes– after all, you are the General Overseer, and the founder of the church.Many members begin to leave the congregation , one after the other. Can you imagine Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor taking the back seat as a punishment– a sign of repentance and humility?

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When the wife of Pastor Chris accused him of adultery, was the matter investigated by anybody? The matter ended up when the marriage broke up. How dare you investigate the founder of a denomination? Is he not above the law? Try it, and you will meet your doom.

Men Of God Are Mostly Ruined By This Three Things.

3. Money: Greed is a bad thing. Many churches are destroyed because of money palaver. Why do pastors quickly open new churches? Is it not in an effort to make it big?

Why do pastors use satanic powers to operate in their ministry? Is it not to pull crowd

and make money? May God strengthen us all so as not to fall into this traps.

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