“Men This is One of The Reasons Why You Should Not Wait Until You Have Made it Before You Get Married” – Former Director-General of Bureau of Public Service Reforms Dr. Joe Abah Advises Young Men

Former Director-General of Bureau of Public Service Reforms in the Office of the Presidency, Dr. Joe Abah has advised young men not to wait until they are rich before they get married.

According to the author, this is because it makes them self-obsessed and control freaks. He went on to explain further that a man that deems himself to have ‘made it’ in life can become controlling and easily pissed off over trivial issues.

His tweet reads:

“Men, don’t listen when small boys say you must ‘make it’ before looking for a good woman. If you wait until then, you are likely to have become selfish, self-obsessed and difficult to live with. “I always put my shoe here! Who moved it?!” “What do you want? Is it not money?” Smh!”

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