Mike Bamiloye Calls out Youth Campus Fellowship Leaders who Call Themselves Papas and Mamas

Mike Bamiloye Calls out Youth Campus Fellowship Leaders who Call Themselves Papas and Mamas

The founder of Mount Zion Movie Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye shared a controversial post on his Social media platform yesterday that stirred up reactions from followers online.

Mike Bamiloye who shared on his page the topic concerning campus fellowship ministers who parade themselves as mamas and papas in their 20s is very alarming.

The man of God took out time to pen the message in a way that triggers alot of people to pour out their mind and encounters from the so-called mamas and papas of very youth fellowship across the nation.

You can read the original post below by Mike Bamiloye 👇👇

DEAR CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP LEADERS! Dear Campus Fellowship Leaders,It is Set Up! PAPAS! MAMAS! Of the Campus Fellowship! Don’t you think it is too Early to be called “PAPA!”, “MAMA!”? Don’t you think it is too early in your life being assigned Protocols and Bodyguards on Campus?

Who is fighting you that they are guiding you from? I once visited a Campus for Ministration and I was told the President wanted to see me. About two brothers came to call me and we drove, following them as they drove ahead of us to where the President would see me. I got to a block of hostel and they led me up to the second floor. I saw some brothers at the long passage, standing in twos and ones towards the door of the room where the President would see me. I was led to the room and still saw few brothers standing in the room, why I looked ahead of me and saw a brother sitting relaxingly on the bed. He greeted me and I greeted him. We exchanged few words and I left. He just wanted to greet me. So they brought me to him. Campus Fellowship Leaders! Add humility and Meekness to your Service on Campus! Two men carrying your Bibles! Three men Bodyguarding you! Three Sisters serving your foods.

Four five Coolers and Warmers meeting in your room. Six Sisters competing to feed you. Some brothers or sisters washing your clothes and ironing them. Living like a Village King on e campus that you would leave behind in one or two years. Brother! And you Mama! Elderly ladies kneeling to serve you! Ladies doing your laundries!

I am not against Respect and Honor for the Leaders, But know your boundaries and refused to be Set Up on a fake Horse. You have not even graduated. You have not got married yet. You are not even employed or earning salaries yet, But you are already being served by three or four brothers who are your Course Mates.

You already have Protocols and bodyguards. When you graduate from the Campus, will you be able to carry chairs and sweep the floor of the Church again? Will you be able to carry your Pastor’s Bible when all your own Protocols and Guards are no more around you?Will you be humble enough to be disciplined by your Pastor when you misbehave?

Wont you graduate from the Campus and wish your Leadership Fantasia life should continue. Campus Fellowship Leaders, If you know your have a future Ministry and Life Ministerial calling upon your life, the Campus ministry is just a mere foundation laying…

Your Campus Ministerial service in the fellowship is merely a Foundation Laying Ceremony, it is Never the Actual Building…but the Foundation! No one paint and decorate and garnish the Foundation! IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A FUTURE MINISTRY,LAY THE FOUNDATION WITH MEEKNESS AND HUMILITY. Jesus, the Saviour of the whole World was born in a Manger not in the Palace. #mikebamiloye

Reactions from Mike Bamiloye’s followers on Instagram as they share their experience below 👇👇

Should we add NCCF, RCF, and all those NYSC church fellowship houses here to the list? Those ones that sleep with themselves and covert each other in the prayer room?

I dey tell u this thing dey happen especially all this youth pastor for rccg

This is too much, it wasn’t this bad during our time, i was in NCCF family house as a Transit Mummy, nobody wash my clothes, it was more of a servant leader during our own time, making food available in the family house for stranded corpets, taking care of brethren who has one issue or the other, ensuring food availability during outreaches etc.

I stopped attending the campus fellowship and took up the offer to be a music director in the town church ⛪️ on my first day when the protocol started telling me forcefully that I should address the current President who happens to me my Childhood friend as PAPA 😆 😂 while I was greeting him casually the way we used to relate as friends, that was the last time they saw me . To crown the offense, they told me a 21year old guy will be taking us in marriage seminar 😂😂😂😂

Papas and Mamas being worshipped in higher institutions? Who are the people worshiping them?

Dear Lord, i want to specially thank you for confirming this wird through your son. My sister and I just had this convo yesterday, little boys and girls calling old women and old men “my daughter” and “my son”….. loading!I am still looking for all those titles in the scripture. Nobody Papad Jesus. Don’t let them papa and mama you to hell papapa!

God bless you sir for this. Even when u call some of them (even in the church) Bro Lagbaja Sis Tamedo the way they will look at you or not even answer you cos you dint add Papa, Mama or Pastor to their names. God help us.

Hmmm!! They took you to him ? And he is not even scared to receive you ! Ha ha egbami! Ibaje gidiiii. Campus fellowship president ha ha toor! What a humble Father! I respect your large heart and humility! Kaiiii …. Thanks for this message and we hope to see changes as soon as possible!

This message is not even for the papas and mamas, it should be for their regulating body, they’re only exhibiting what these bodies imbibe in them… My church humility is a key word, if my Apostle carries his own bag and Bible all by himself, why will one campus leader expect someone to carry his own. A fruit does not fall far from its tree. We all know where the problem is coming from, but we are not ready for that conversation.

To be sincere.. they overdo things, that’s y I don’t like attending campus fellowship….Members will cook for them, carry their bags, in fact they’ll start hooking up their members for relationships.. y not let God do his thing…. Thank u sir for this… and I hope they see it

They brought you to him ke??? Our reverred Evang Mike Bamiloye to come greet a campus Fellowship President in his hostel. Even in heaven, there is order! Well, you said it all. Very few people won’t get carried away with the benefits of “PAPASHIP” and “MAMASHIP”. Generally, in life one must be careful of any position that will likely help you raise your shoulders because tables do turn. Life is a mystery

Very apt sir 🔥This is the sole reason I decided never to attend a fellowship in UNI in my undergraduate days at FUTA and opted for a church in Town, God bless (Agape Christian Ministries Akure). I remember a story of two of my friends whose relationship that was just beginning broke just because her “papa” a fellow student like ours asked that she brings the guy she’s dating to see him. Myself and the guy found it hilarious and stupid, because, this so called Papa is a fellow course mate like us and happen to be in the same level with us. Who are you, my age mate, course mate, level mate, to ask that I be brought to you to decide the fate of my relationship!? My friend (the guy) decided not to go, and the lady broke up the relationship on the advice of her papa, only for her Papa to ask her out later and she found out that was his plan all along. The assumption of superiority that the fellowship leaders had back in school was what I couldn’t live with and found very amusing. It’s the best decision I made opting for a proper church over fellowship in school.

It’s a huge shame that young people see themselves as papas and mamas. People that thier parents still feed😮. It’s not thier fault, I blame those worshipping them and have turned themselves to maids of the age mates all in the name of God’s service. Wisdom is lacking on both sides.

Very timely… this actually affected some of my friends back in school, that they believed after campus , the next thing is to have their own ministry immediately and continue the enjoyment attached to the position…. at age 22 you are already sending boys to go and bring an elderly man to your hostel just to greet him, even if Bro Mike is not a pastor, he is just like a father to you, why can’t you just walk down to his place and greet him with respect. Thanks dad for this wonderful New year meal jareee.

Honour is good but the scripture is clear. You shall serve only the Lord your God. I respect and honour God’s grace and giftings on people but I don’t also forget my identity as God’s chosen one and a priest and king. I have and will never worship any man. They knew me back then in school fellowship. I don’t have time for eye service. But the balance also is that we must not get too familiar with the anointing so that we don’t miss out on what God has for us through our leaders

It’s a huge shame that young people see themselves as papas and mamas. People that thier parents still feed😮. It’s not thier fault, I blame those worshipping them and have turned themselves to maids of the age mates all in the name of God’s service. Wisdom is lacking on both sides.

This is a new year banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥Thanks Daddy for shedding light to this!!! Still told my wife this a month ago that it’s alarming that a lady of 30yrs answers “mama” to her fellow age mate all because she’s a Pastor’s wife🥲 and the “mama” will say that’s my daughter 😂😂😂Mehnnnnn! May Yahweh help us all🔥🔥🔥

Thanks for this piece of advice sir, I once told a sister friend of mine who was one of the mama in the Uni then i have left the uni like few years back. I told her every time that the ministry that Jesus brought is not to be superior over your fellows but to be humble as Christ did and preach true message and not hyping and mirage firing. Satan might not have power but he is intelligent and we claim to have power but we are foolish and he uses his intelligent to defeat our power because we foolish. I pray our young christian should learn and do it right as Christ commanded.

As much as this message is the bitter truth I have a controversial opinion sir to what you have written because you didn’t take it from the root cause of all that you saw in the campus fellowship you went to. These fellowships have population of members that are equivalent to some churches. For example nccf state fellowship is a whole park of a standard revival audience in churches that are of large population. Now let me come back to my controversy these things practiced by campus fellowships emanated from the church itself and those G.Os who gave large churches today started from these campus fellowships. They were the ones who built the structures that these fellowships are working on and they started all these mishaps that you have stated. Sir I’m quite sure in your church that you worship alot of people who are of your counterparts too do same that you have said above to you so imagine if you have a youth who you are his mentor and he’s chosen a papa in school don’t you think he will definitely do that which he has seen you do. These people see you all the elders in the Christendom and follow suit on what they see you all do. The corrections must start from the church because the church is the reflection of these campuses sir

Pastor is now balancing his messages. I love it. And yes, I totally agree with you. 💯. I was never into such subservient and demeaning attitude towards my fellow students but a lot of folks did. I will never understand it. Especially the RCF people. Young students turning fellow young students into maids, cooks and other personal effects in the name of the Lord. A lot are these followers are annoyingly gullible too and cannot think for themselves. I am happy someone is finally talking about it and calling these people to order. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Long overdue. ✍🏼👌

Thank you Daddy. Àgbà ki wa loja, kori omo tuntun wo looto. Thank you for the loving correction sir. I wish other fragments of church leadership will see this and apply and not just to campus fellowship alone, these days, I’m afraid, we are beginning to overstretch the concept of Honour into extremity, what we will have is entitled, arrogant young men and women sitting in the front rows of our gatherings. I’m afraid really, and the general

We are really not ready for this conversation…… I served as an executive during my undergraduate and NYSC and totally saw no reason for the ‘idol worship’. I’d rather be called Sis Adeola rather than ‘mammo’.In my fellowship back then, there is no special treatment for executives that I know of, it’s a position to serve and not to be SERVEDA lot of executives that served in the fellowship then tend to push their ministry into post fellowship all cos they want to keep up with the “pastor/papa or daddy they were being called in the fellowship even when the Lord has not led them to do so.May God have mercy on us all

Hmmmm… Thank you Daddy, this is so apt… These so called Papas and Mamas after school or service year in NYSC, what next… They will be looking for relevance by all means, they can’t even sit down under their local church pastor to listen to the word, they will say, he doesn’t know how to preach, some of them will even be making reference to the past, when I was Papa I can’t preach like this or you dare not talk to me in such a manner… Oh you Papas and Mamas who has bewitched you… Lord help my Generation 😢

We can’t post all reactions here but you can drop your own experience as well. Let’s hear from you in the comment section below 👇👇

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