Mike Bamiloye Sends A Warning Message To Everybody Who Loves Football

I am a big fan of professional wrestling. I watch and follow a lot of promotions from WWE to AEW and TNA, and I make a lot of posts about this sport on my social media pages so I can stir conversations with many fans. However, a few days back, someone sent me a private message chiding me for making a lot of my posts about the sport I adore, rather than the God I serve. It caused me to pause and think.

Mike Bamiloye has said the same thing about sports in general and football in particular. He said that it is not a sin to love football, but when it takes over your spirit, soul and body, then you are beginning to worship the sport, and it has become your idol.

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He declared that God is the one you are supposed to love with your whole body, soul and spirit, and not any sport.

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