Most People Are Not Aware Of The Dangers Of Music, Which Is Why They Should Be Careful With The Type Of Music They Listen To – Apostle Suleman Reveals

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire and Miracles Ministries has shared a video on his verified Facebook page where he revealed the mysteries of music. He reveals that most people are not aware of it and they must be careful about its influence on them.

According to the cleric, music is a very powerful tool and at the same time could be very dangerous. It applies to both human beings and even animals sometimes. According to the cleric, music is a very dangerous thing, it enters your soul without passing through your mind. 

Music has an overwhelming influence over human beings because human beings are wired to receive information in their brain, censor it and decide whatsoever in it before it would be transferred into the mind. But in the case of Music, it is not so.

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Music could be said to be an intruding force in the life of every human being. Music has the power to bypass the censorship ability of any human being before it enters into their mind and souls. 

As music is being played, it enters the system of a man and intrudes straight into his/her mind—it is then dissolved Immediately into their souls, without giving them the chance to censor or consider if it is good for them or not. That is why music is very powerful. It takes over the entirety of a man and makes them dance to its tunes.

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