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My 6 Months In KiriKiri Prison Didn’t Break Me: Genesis Prophet, Israel Oladele Ogundipe

Posted by on April 20, 2021 — Drop A Comment

Reveals A Lot

A lot has happened in the last few months in the life of popular Lagos Celestial Pastor, the founder of Genesis Global Parish, Pastor Isreal Oladele Ogundipe. Remember that he was sentenced to prison a few months ago over some allegations with a particular UK lady. He had been away for months but was suddenly released a few days back after the case was revisited and found out he could be granted bail to join his family.

The first time he had to appear to his church members was heroic and memorable, because right from the Alakuko junction, where the headquarters of the church is located was besieged by a large of crowd to welcome him. There were also a lot of media houses in attendance. More than 3,000 people escorted him in his new Prado Jeep. This happened 2 weeks back. Since then, a lot of people, including his church members have been looking forward to hearing his story while he was away.

On Tuesday 13th April, 2021, when he appeared for the second time in church after a long absence, he revealed some of the shocking stories while he was away.

He began the service by thanking all those who stood by him: All the mothers in the world, all Muslims around the world. He thanked all the fathers around the world. He thanked all the Muslim/Christian brothers and sisters praying for him all this while.

“I have come to say mo mo’re’ (I appreciate God’s goodness in my life). I have nothing to say than to say thank you, Lord. I would have loved to start that series today because I told you that I was going to start some stuff today and it’s going to be in series. I will be talking about the enemy behind the scene. But I will just prepare you ahead till next Sunday.”

“I want to tell you that the devil is messing up with the wrong person. Maybe the devil thought what I went through would make me become cold but instead of me to become cold, I’m a gold! I’m a gold that would be in the fire and still shine and still step out of the fire.”

Prophet Oladele, said further in his sermon that it wasn’t easy. “It wasn’t easy but it’s worth it!. I waited. I saw and I conquered. The Devil is a liar. We came here to praise God here today. So, if you can make Jesus your hobby, you don’t need to lobby. All you have to say to the devil is “Hoobi”. I want to tell you why I said the devil has just messed up with the wrong person. Anytime you know you want to be great in life you have to be fully ready for it. Nobody is going to adore God in your life and see you as a warrior if you don’t have battles that you have fought. Sometimes, the devil would think what you have gone through would be the end of your life but I tell you, for every end, there is a bend. I’m not going to lie, I know I carry uncommon grace. The journey is not for small boys. I know what I carry because what I carry is uncommon. Nothing would make me drop my white garment. So, you believed I would change my mind and I won’t wear the white garment anymore? No! Tell the devil I’m back. I came to tell you that the come back is always greater than my setback. I’m not going to break down. Listen attentively to this: the size of your destiny determines the size of your battle. If you know what follows you won’t struggle. One of the problems in life is to make everybody like you and if you try to make everybody like you, you are a fool. I’m not a product of pity, so don’t pity me”.

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“When I was coming to church after a few months I noticed how people were falling over themselves on the road and photographers were struggling to capture me and I realised what God has done for me even when I wasn’t around. I’m not saying anything today than just glorify God’s name. People always say it’s good to start afresh but I’m telling you that I’m starting from experience! While I was away testimonies never seized to happen. I was in the wilderness and our members would go to the registry and come back to where I was and I would bless them. I was able to bless about 3 to 4 families. They say Papa we know you are alone in the wilderness but your life is full of wonders. We know if we visit you in the wilderness wonders would happen to us. One of those people is now in America. Have got lots of people who came there to show me their visas and I thank God that I was not useless inside there. And when I wanted to walk out they started feeling it so much. I didn’t go to prison, I was there on assignment. Because my work was like a soldier or a police officer who the IG would say I’m transferring you to Abeokuta and I want you to go and handle the special assignment. That’s what God has done in my life. There were lots of people there who needed help, who needed liberation, who needed a helper, who needed a helper and He (God) said I would make you go there. And going in there, I would bless you. Who am I to say otherwise? I have often used that to preach before that I was going to prison to preach and when I got home my wife asked me if I was okay. And when I finally got there I was able to solve many people’s problems. That’s my joy! When I got there on the first day, second day, third day, I started asking myself why I was there. And God told me that He was going to prove to me that he would back me up. I looked back to my church while I was there and He told me He was the husband of the church. He said don’t worry about your family; I’m the head of your family. Don’t worry about your mother, she’s not going to die before you return. Don’t worry about the Isheri-Idimu branch that it doesn’t have a roof but it does have proof. God says I would take you to where people are struggling without any helper, assistance, or money to step out. Many of them are crying, saying God send me my helper and God sent me in there. And when you pray for something, God can bring anyone onboard to help you. Do you know that when you are sent on a special assignment they would pay you special? I was in the wilderness and God was blessing me. I was in the wilderness God was in charge of the church. I was in the wilderness and God was connecting me. I was in the wilderness God healed a lot of people through me and using me to help people. I was sinking and I was singing.”

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“What I discovered there is that, even when you are in trouble, solve other people’s troubles. When you are in trouble and you are supposed to cry and give up on God, solve other peoples trouble. The people who are talking about you have their own trouble.”

“Let me tell you: you might not go through what I went through but your own is coming but might not be as big as mine. It’s better He sends you to wilderness than be dead. If you call yourself a Mentor and you don’t have a tough example like mine, then you aren’t there. When I was there, I thought some people would come up to help but God shut them and said there were not going to do it.”

In my time during the wilderness, God knows that I love microphone and He said now that you have one, you need PA, I would give you 2. Don’t let me tell you how I lived my life in there.”

It’s always good to fight your battle while you are still young. I know a man of God who is currently battling Cancer. There’s no way you can do it but all you need to do is pray so that you won’t experience the one that will kill you. You want to hear more about my story. No! Go and download my app. Or you can wait for my book. I will make profits from my pain!”

“If I didn’t go through the turbulence, I would have died. The only thing that I have brought out is forgiveness because if you call yourself a lawyer, there are a lot of lawyers there. There are a lot of billionaires there. There are a lot of doctors there. Don’t worry, you will hear a lot of stories. That is the only place God can send me for practical and I come out to feed you back, not in heaven, because I can’t come back. He wouldn’t send me to heaven. I can tell you there are teachers there who teach people who can’t go to school and earn 5 hundred monthly. If I should tell you what I saw there, Nigerian government will come after me.

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Some people got 60 years sentence and the person is already 55. Do you think you know how to pray? Thank God for what He’s done for you. Let me tell you, there’s a reason God sent me there. 11 million can never be my problem. Something that was said to be around 2.5 million suddenly became 11 million and I was told to do a Plea Bargain but I would advise anybody not to. I will start a series called Enemy Behind The Scene next week.”

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