My Daughter Asked Me A Very Shocking Question, Which Made Me Say I won’t Die For Church – Pastor George Izunwa Reveals

Pastor George Izunwa, the lead Pastor of Gateway International Church sent an important message to members in the church.

He said that he knows that a lot of people are watching him and he knows that they might be annoyed, but it doesn’t matter. He advised pastors not to die for church because they will forget. According to him , he told his members many years ago that he won’t die for ghetto but he can die for Jesus. He said that he use to preach his five services himself but this year he has done it only once because of some issues.

He then told a story of how he had a meeting in Cameroon with a few person’s and they finished the meeting but the plane that was supposed to pick them up on Friday did not show. It shifted on Saturday but the plane still didn’t show and he has a program in Port Harcourt the next morning. He said that somebody suggested that they use one of the boats that they use for smuggling. He said that he didn’t know what entered him, he entered into the boat and it was as if Satan was waiting for him.

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The moment the boat entered high sea, rain began and someone put a tarpaulin on him as they continued the journey. He said that the rain fell all through the night and he prayed like he has not prayed before. The wind was intense and he didn’t tell his wife that he was coming back so nobody knew where he was that night. He said that because he needed to be in Port Harcourt to preach in a program they had been advertising, they were on that high sea. They arrived about 5am, entered a vehicle rushed down to the meeting and it was powerful.

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After he got back home, nobody said anything to him. He then revealed that he was swimming with his wife and his daughter one day and the issue came up. His daughter then said to him, “Daddy, when you were entering that boat, did you think of us? You were thinking of only church, do you think of me, your wife and my siblings?” He said that it dawned on him immediately that many time we make decisions thinking they are godly not knowing that they are ungodly.

He urged them to use this scenario to learn a lesson. He said that pastors should also bring their members the teachings, trainings and mentoring that goes on in church to the practice of life. He said that the habitants will not be sick but there are are time that sickness attack but the ideal is that you don’t see sickness. He said that when you are preaching, you declare that but when you are teaching, you try to bring balance to what preaching did. “Churches that have major problems are those who only preach but don’t teach,” he said.

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Finally he said that Satan cannot create medicine because medicine is a cure and palliative to medicine. Satan loves pain and the only way you can have medical science is if God gave it. So anybody despising medical science is despising God. According to him, Jesus said that the sick need the physician. He did not say that the sick need the pastor.

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