“My Marriage Was Hell On Earth, I Lived With A Devil” – Lady Shares Bitter Experience About Her Marriage

A Kenyan lady identified as Milka Wanjiku in an interview with Lily Aisha at Tuko Talks via a live broadcast on YouTube few hours ago, opened up about being married to a man who promised to show her true affection. She went further to describe the marriage as “Hell on Earth”, tagging the man as “a devil”.

According to Milka Wanjiku: “I got married at the age of 23, and the marriage was so peaceful. I met my husband in Nairobi when I was dealing on fruits. After we got married, he started taking alcohol. Things turned worse when I gave birth to our second child.

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“He flogged our first baby until he fainted one day. He started coming home with different women and he would ask me to give them space. At a point, he grabbed a hammer and started hitting me on my knees, by the time he was done, I could barely get up. When he was doing this, the children will hide under the bed.

“I couldn’t leave the marriage because I had nowhere to go and no one to assist me in taking care of our children. But I finally left after he decided to set my children ablaze but I managed to put away the fire that very day”.

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