My Relationship Crashed Months After Confessing I Slept With Apostle Suleman – Chioma Ifemeludike Revealed

Budding Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike has revealed that a few months after she publicly confessed to sleeping with Apostle Johnson Suleman for money, an allegation the man of God vehemently denied, her relationship which was heading to marriage packed up.

The actress maintained that her fiancé parted ways with her on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, the breakup she noted was not related to her 2021 confession.

She tells a source her side of the story:

“Yes, it is true that I and my man are no longer together, it wasn’t because of what happened. It was a relationship that was heading to marriage, but we had a crack. We didn’t break up because of the confession. I can categorically say that from my end but I really don’t know what is in his heart because the heart of man is quite deep. But from my understanding, it wasn’t really about the confession but about a lot of other factors that I can’t share.”

Asked if she’s ready to get into another relationship, the movie star maintained that she is looking forward to having a beautiful experience with someone else, but will hold on to her chastity until after their wedding.

“Yes, I am single and looking forward to a new relationship but I am not searching. I am also praying that this time it would be something worth it. Because as a Christian I don’t believe in dating. I don’t approve of it anymore. I don’t approve of armourous relationship outside marriage. My next relationship has to be a courtship. I am looking forward to having that beautiful experience with someone who is in the same spiritual level as me, meet up with my expectations and also be the will of God for me.”

When she was asked how she intends to cope with her urge for a man, the Anambra state indigene who is continuously fighting for human rights via her Instagram page said:

“It is tough to stay away from intimacy, but I have made up my mind. I am a very strong-willed person. If I say I want to do this, I’ll see it to the finish. I thank God I am counting days and weeks. Every day I see myself going stronger, you know. I am now in control of my intimate feelings, knowing that there would be a time when I’ll explore it to the fullest with the right person, I don’t have to be everywhere. I don’t have to be with anybody just because I feel lonely. I am not alone, I have the Holy Spirit with me, I have the Bible to feed my spirit with. I have prayers, I have to fast to keep myself busy and equipped. There’s no place for immoral thoughts. This is a time to build and I am building.”

That Ifemeludike is now a born-again Christian will not stop her from kissing and playing romantic roles in movies. She explains further:

“Yes, of course, I can kiss, if that is part of the storyline. We always know how to do it to look real. We mustn’t really stick our tongues in our mouths all the time. If it is needed, then why not. I don’t have to be emotionally attached to the person, if it is just mere kissing so that the story could be told better, why not?”

Shortly after the intimacy scandal with Suleman, Ifemeludike took a break from the industry, now she is fully back to her first love; acting. She revealed how the movie industry received her despite the controversy:

“I never really left, I just took a break, left the country to get refreshed and reboot. Now, I am back to my career and what I love. There are always going to be people’s opinions and expectations. They always want things to be done their way. I believe in self-determination. I understand who I am and my part in life. The consequences of my decisions are solely mine. I am not going to share it with anyone. So, the reception was met with a lot of people trying to tell me how it should have been done. It wasn’t in a negative way. It was from a place of love. How they felt I should have done it, this way or the other. It wasn’t really a thing of you- just- got- back and got a warm reception. However, they are also people who love what I am doing and support me. Some people understand me and the uniqueness of my person. They accepted me the way I am. “

Actress Ifemeledike says gets more suitors after confessing her affairs with Apostle Suleman

She claimed that:

“Confessing that I had slept with Apostle Johnson Suleman jeopardize my chances of getting married? No, never! In fact, it is even now that more suitors are coming. I’ve always had suitors. I have suitors today and I will always have suitors, always because when you come close enough to know the person, you’ll be very glad to be attached to my life. I’m not worried, marriage is a done deal.”

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